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2019/07/31  July 2019 update

Brand-new game: Great Green Adventure 2: Prologue.

Brand-new intros: AutariIntro, La Parala, Olej 256b, Rain256, Silly Venture 2k19 Invitation, Star Vagrant Intro, Z-Bars 256b.

Brand-new pictures: Arthas, Biegnij, lis, biegnij!, Captain Pork, Europa, Grotan, Historik, Invasion, Lost in Lichen, Medical Machine, Misaki, Port Alistair, RedDrag, Wanderer.

Brand-new songs: I forgot the melody. Again., Ojcze ojcze, Shuffleschrabbelgepiepe, Skyride.

2019/07/16  Album of the Year

Your favourite Atari 8-bit musician Poison (aka Allmighty/World Dominators) released his newest album Angel Zero!

2019/06/30  June 2019 update

Brand-new game hack: Eel Ecurb.

2019/05/31  May 2019 update

Brand-new song: 40 Years of Detunation.

2019/04/30  April 2019 update

Brand-new games: Bocianoric, Circle of Richness M4, Fruity Pete, Jaskinia City Quest, Jaskiniowiec w czasach inkwizycji, Kostky M8, Millionaire (CZ), Shootout 2 M4, Wasteland, Wiedzmin wiesiek, Yahtzee M8.

Some old intros by GMG members: I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt, Strip Show, The Birthday. Many thanks to Marco for these tape dumps!

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