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2018/01/31  January 2018 update

Brand-new games: Blok Copy, Boulderdash Mugen 18, Boulderdash Mugen 19, Boulderdash Mugen 20, Great Green Adventure, His Dark Majesty: Quest II, Kendallsoft Kaverns, To nie jest emulator Odry i systemu George 3, Tornado.

Brand-new intros: 2018, Amitari, DYCP Demo, Freestyle, Happy New Year 2018, Historic Trucks, Lessons of Lead, Start It with Rags, Stars, Znowkfrs 256b, Znowtwst 256b.

Brand-new pictures: Atari Dragon, Bonsai, Horror, Last Train, NY-Disk 18, QPA Test Picture, Road to Mountain, Snowman.

Brand-new songs: 20 lat pozniej, Distilled Implant Cleaner, Oldtekkno.

Older game entries update: Dimo's Dungeon (NTSC version), Get Up! (version 1.2), Delta Space Arena Demo (2018 multicontroller update).

2018/01/04  HSC Season 15

High Score Club on AtariAge has just started its annual 15th season! Have you played Atari today?

2018/01/02  December 2017 update

Brand-new games: 07 zglos sie, Aliens from Waves, Bosconian, Jack the Nipper, Skool Daze, Wojna.

Brand-new demos and intros: 256 Bytes of Blues, Bart, Film, Gretro Filler, Homer, InBlobs, IVI256, Nabuchodonosor 256b, Oldskool Pioneer, Prozac Dream, Reharden, The Rocky Horror Show Demo.

Brand-new pictures: Antictron, Baloons, Buka, Fulcrum, Greetings from Silly Venture, My Dear Old Friend, Order, Pharao, Rick’s Revenge, Shaman, Silly Rainbow 2017.

Brand-new songs: Last minute POKEY Song, Leftovers, Seventh, Sound of Snow, Strange Garden, Ucieczka z Gwiezdnej Zatoki, Wez inna bulke.

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