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2020/01/12  HSC Season 17

New season of the High Score Club on AtariAge is about to start! So, what are you waiting for?

2019/12/31  December 2019 update

Brand-new games: Gravity Worms, Monty on the Run, Robbo Galtron, Star Vagrant Silly Venture Demo, Stary dom.

Brand-new intros and demos: Aatori, Beertime XL, Colorful, Escape Time, Far Away, Horizon, Infinite Scroll, Kaboom, Kompleks K-12 Teaser, Oni migaja tymi kolorami w sposob profesjonalny, Organic, Procrastinate, Rainbow, Second Life Syndrome, Self-Test, Silly StarField, Sine Wars, Soft Serve, Sparks, Sparks 2, Starfield244, TMD, UFO, Unsolved, W.Y.S.I.W.I.C.

Brand-new pictures: Caleb 2, Distortions of Modern Times, Jump Off Titlescreen, Lynx Game, Mega Victini, Memories, Myth of Daphne, Nova, Spacedog, Stigmata, YoomBlazer.

Brand-new songs: Baluf, Fun with Atari, Gehehjsj, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Kolektor Dream, Kotasekup, My Ears in Pain, Silent Storm, Synk Bass, To sie wytnie.

2019/11/30  November 2019 update

Brand-new games: Bugs Fight M4, Castle Defender, Imogen, multi10, Space Arena 16k, The Last Disk+.

Brand-new picture: Dimitrov Albarran, Matias - Self-Portrait.

Special bonus: Rockball by Rocklan.

2019/10/31  October 2019 update

Brand-new games: 601F, Block on Legs: First Steps, Jet Set Willy 2019, Moon Patrol Redux, PET Frogger, Train 3.

Special bonus: deprotected version of Mah Jong by Childsplay. Released with permission of Video 61.

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Sturbon Intro 9036x
A Tribute to Quorthon 7857x
Who Lost the Wallet? 6640x
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500 Proc Intro 5243x
3D Homer 5226x
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