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2018/05/31  May 2018 update

Brand-new games: Czech and French version of Laura, final version of Time Pilot.

Brand-new demos: Fly to Nordlicht, Wapniak 2018 Invite.

Bonus game: English version of Cervi.

2018/04/30  April 2018 update

Brand-new games: Acey-Duecey M4, Crescent Solitaire, Deszczownik, Jail Break M4, K jak, Laura - Atariada 2018 Edition, Tortura wodna, Train, UFO Hunt, Ziggy, Zweglaj olimpijczyka.

Brand-new demos: Grey 39 Birthday Intro, NoScroll, Silly Venture 2k18 Invitation.

2018/03/31  March 2018 update

Brand-new intros: DotPlot, Nemo Demo, The Magnify Demo.

Brand-new pictures: Addams Family - Family Photo, Aquanka, Don't Panic!, In the Deep, Lemming(s), Make Less Not More!, Miro.

Brand-new songs: Atari Goes On!, Atlantida, Factore, hod ho do stroje, First Man on the Mars, Sunset Ocean Runner Turbo GT '87, Vodajka.

2018/02/28  February 2018 update

Brand-new games: In nihilum reverteris, Lord of the Orb XaVeR Set 001, Lord of the Orb XaVeR Set 002, Stunt Car Racer.

Bonus game: Starfighters 2.

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