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2017/01/31  January 2017 update

Brand-new games: CX2626 Miniature Golf, Raiders of the Lost Ark, mini-Slots, Snowplow NYD 2017.

Brand-new intros: Camelight 2017, Carrie Fisher, Get Lucky, Happy 2017, Happy New Year!, MD201701, Multi Twisters, NYD 2017, NYD 2k17 Intro, Small Effect.

2017/01/10  HSC Season 14

Is the Atari 8-bit your first choice for classic gaming? If so, check High Score Club to compete against other 8-bit fans in your favorite games!

2016/12/31  December 2016 update

Brand-new game: Fairlight.

2016/11/30  November 2016 update

Brand-new games: 1k Atascii Blaster, At Arion Line: Mission Zero, Laura, Pang.

Brand-new demos and intros: Bob Ross, Firstro, Geom, Lets Rol, Mehcaster, Music in 256 Bytes, Noname, Prozac Dream Preview, Ribbon, Sinopia, Ucieczka z tropikow, UnMEC, Unrunnable, Winter Is Coming.

Brand-new pictures: After, Crown of Eternal Glory, Devil, Facepalm, Kompo Spell, Mad Cat, Party Train, Space Sheeps, Sunny, Vampilarius, War Heart, Zamek 2.

Brand-new songs: Chiptune, Code Name: Chips Challenge, Falcon, Fifth Generation, Geek BeatZ, Legend, Life After Death, The Prod That Never Was.

Bonus game: Crazy Egon 2. Many thanks to Sleepy for the dump!

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