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2017/11/30  November 2017 update

Brand-new game: War Room.

2017/10/31  October 2017 update

Brand-new games: Citron 3kg, New Atari Game, Shamus+, Superfly XL (Lite), The Way of the Exploding Fist.

Brand-new intro: Happy Days.

Brand-new picture: Load Error.

Brand-new song: Chips Atari.

2017/09/30  September 2017 update

Brand-new intro: Sober Test.

Brand-new picture: theMachine.

2017/08/31  August 2017 update

Brand-new games: Kobieta Zmienna Jest, Pac-Mad, Piekieleczko, Tensor Trzaskowskiego.

Brand-new pictures: Ambuka Is Alive!, Atari Girl, Enjoy the Music, The Room.

Brand-new song: The Right Way.

Special bonus: Multris 2k17.

2017/07/31  July 2017 update

Brand-new games: Scapeghost - Part I, Scapeghost - Part II, Scapeghost - Part III.

Brand-new intro: Silly Venture 2k17 Invitro.

Special bonus: Johnny the Ghost game. Courtesy of atarimuseum.nl!

2017/06/30  June 2017 update

Brand-new games: Ate'em All, Boulders and Bombs M4, Diamondz 2, Kde domov muj M4, Multiloops, Rozstrel M4, Snakes and Ladders M4, Spellbinder.

Brand-new intros: Ironia 2k17 Invitation, Nordlicht 2017 Invitro, WannaClone.

Brand-new music collections: Music Box 1, Music Box 2.

2017/05/31  May 2017 update

Brand-new games: Black Rescue, Crazy Cat, Hot & Cold Adventure, Podskoczek, Time Pilot, Vox Regis.

Brand-new intros: Last Party 2017 Invitro, Mortal Coil.

Brand-new pictures: Deep Space, Guru Meditation, Jajo War, Ninja Gajden, Null'er, Plaza.

Brand-new songs: Clubbed to Death, Major Tom, White Bear, Wyginam smialo cialo, Yet Another F(h)air in my Light.

2017/04/30  April 2017 update

Brand-new games: GravZoo, Gunfright, Udders, Zoo Food!

Special bonus: very rare game I Beatles e il papiro della pace by LindaSoft. Courtesy of atarimuseum.nl!

2017/03/31  March 2017 update

Brand-new demos and intros: Bad Apple, Bad Joke, Cubesex, Dark Invitation, Grawitacja, PLA1024b.

Brand-new pictures: Androprotodroid, Breeze, Flowerbed 01, Monster Shit Is Coming, Star, Vintage 2077, Weirdos.

Brand-new songs: Blue Sky Action, Chilltro, I am Blind, I Met You in Tokyo, New, Tento rok je slabsi.

2017/02/28  February 2017 update

Brand-new game: Kaverns of Kfest.

2017/01/31  January 2017 update

Brand-new games: CX2626 Miniature Golf, Raiders of the Lost Ark, mini-Slots, Snowplow NYD 2017.

Brand-new intros: Camelight 2017, Carrie Fisher, Get Lucky, Happy 2017, Happy New Year!, MD201701, Multi Twisters, NYD 2017, NYD 2k17 Intro, Small Effect.

2017/01/10  HSC Season 14

Is the Atari 8-bit your first choice for classic gaming? If so, check High Score Club to compete against other 8-bit fans in your favorite games!

2016/12/31  December 2016 update

Brand-new game: Fairlight.

2016/11/30  November 2016 update

Brand-new games: 1k Atascii Blaster, At Arion Line: Mission Zero, Laura, Pang.

Brand-new demos and intros: Bob Ross, Firstro, Geom, Lets Rol, Mehcaster, Music in 256 Bytes, Noname, Prozac Dream Preview, Ribbon, Sinopia, Ucieczka z tropikow, UnMEC, Unrunnable, Winter Is Coming.

Brand-new pictures: After, Crown of Eternal Glory, Devil, Facepalm, Kompo Spell, Mad Cat, Party Train, Space Sheeps, Sunny, Vampilarius, War Heart, Zamek 2.

Brand-new songs: Chiptune, Code Name: Chips Challenge, Falcon, Fifth Generation, Geek BeatZ, Legend, Life After Death, The Prod That Never Was.

Bonus game: Crazy Egon 2. Many thanks to Sleepy for the dump!

2016/10/31  October 2016 update

Brand-new games: Dimo's Dungeon, Dye, Get Up!, Name This Game, Rain of Terror, Skyscraper, The Monk.

2016/09/30  September 2016 update

Brand-new games: Antic Picross II, AtariBlast!, Ratcatcher M4, Spycat, Zombie Attack!

Brand-new intros: Classic Games Shrine Music Box, Ironia 2k16 Invitation.

Brand-new pictures: Casiopea, Na drugim koncu, Other X, Space Nomad Episode 1, Space Nomad Episode 2, Space Nomad Episode 3.

2016/08/31  August 2016 update

Brand-new game: Ratcatcher.

2016/07/31  July 2016 update

Brand-new game: Simon!

Brand-new intro: Decree.

Brand-new songs: Pokey Horror Bleepcore Show and Rouge Chromazon.

2016/06/30  June 2016 update

Brand-new game: Yahtzee M4.

2016/05/31  May 2016 update

Brand-new games: 5.Dots, Cyctriks, Much Blastesz, Pentagram, Sarepska. The Game, Twin Cars, Warsaw City+, Wytyczne rybne.

Brand-new intro: SV2k16 Invitro.

Brand-new songs: Bad Apple, Biala Flaga, Canon Fodder, Goldish Chrysanthemums, Guybrush Theme, Highway to Hell, Lotus 3, Uletai na krylach wietra.

2016/04/30  April 2016 update

Brand-new games: Belegost, Hockey M8, Jezkovy voci, Manic Miner, Muxeso, Same Game, Tank M4 Battle.

Brand-new songs: Pokey Balboa, Revised.

2016/03/31  March 2016 update

Brand-new demos and intros: Arsantica 3, Barmania, Clone Stars Demo, Drunk, JIL the Queen, Legacy of sin(e)s.

Brand-new songs: Future, Porucha dne, Rain Bliss.

2016/02/29  February 2016 update

Brand-new games: Bobby Bearing, Donkey Kong Junior Arcade, Donkey Kong Junior Enhanced, Grim Ritual, Chcete byt milionarem II.

2016/01/31  January 2016 update

Brand-new games: Blowsub, Codeman, Duszpasterz Jan Rzygon, NYD 2016 Nessie, Saboteur and Tag! M4

Brand-new intros: Bam 2016, Chicken Dance 1k, Getting into 2015, Made with ATARI 800, MD201601, NYD 2k16 Intro, The Gift and The Rocky Horror Show.

Brand-new songs: Chi Bao and Filter Mod.

2016/01/14  Gaming madness is back!

Believe it or not but High Score Club is about to start its 13th season very soon!

2015/12/24  December 2015 update

Christmas gift from Fandal & Irgendwer: A8 conversion of Gordon Key's E-Type.

2015/11/30  November 2015 update

Brand-new game: Lost in Space.

Brand-new intro: Reloaded.

2015/10/31  October 2015 update

Brand-new games: 3plex, AtariNet, Bomber, Gravity, Jim Slide, Joystick Mastah, Little Game, Quarrion, The Great Escape, The Saga of Erik the Viking and Toy'Swap.

Bonus game: Planetary Defense 2012.

Brand-new demo: State of the Lame.

Brand-new songs: Does Not Compute and Fourth of a Kind.

Brand-new TIP animation: Raping Pumpkin. Have you enjoyed Halloween this year? :)

2015/09/30  September 2015 update

Brand-new games: Adventure 2600, Booby Jackpot, Oczoplas, Sprint 1 and Turbo Snail.

Brand-new intros: Arsantica 3 Teaser #2, Dance with Us and RetroKomp + Load Error 2015 Party Invitation.

Brand-new songs: Beyond the Stars and IronMan.

2015/08/31  August 2015 update

Brand-new game: Popeye Arcade.

Brand-new intros: The Bitchy Witchy Intro and Wolf 3D.

2015/07/31  July 2015 update

Brand-new demos and intros: 100 lat na 10-lecie Glucholaz, Compo Filer 1, Compo Filer 2, Evoke Assembly Greetro, Glucholazy 2015, PasIntro, R-Type Boss and Rolo XI.

Brand-new pictures: Angry, Desktop, Don't Play with Fire, Lightman, Odin and Spadajacy kotek.

Brand-new songs: Last Attempt, Mono Adventures and Sounds Like Chicken.

2015/06/30  June 2015 update

Brand-new game: Ramp Rage.

Brand-new demo: Nordlicht 2015.

2015/05/31  May 2015 update

Brand-new games: Boulderdash Mugen 17, Curse of the Lost Miner - Underground Madness Challenge, JawBreakrer 2, Wkorwek.

Brand-new intro: Nordlicht Greetro.

Brand-new song: A Sky Full of Fanta.

2015/04/30  April 2015 update

Brand-new games: Curse of the Lost Miner, Chcete byt milionarem, Space Arena M4, Tajemny amulet, Tapper SE, Up for Grabs M4 and Zeppelin M4.

Brand-new intros and demos: Arsantica 3 Announcement, Derenegeracja Invitro and Rescue.

Brand-new picture: Biased Decisions.

Brand-new song: Space Panda Disco.

2015/03/31  March 2015 update

Brand-new games: Biedny Pies Antoni 3 and Tecno Ninja 25 Years Anniversary Edition.

Brand-new intros and demos: 16 Shapes of Grey, Back to the Cyberspace, Fifty Shades of Grey, Glucholazy 2k15 Invitro, Pow and The Demons of Cyclic Space.

Brand-new pictures: Cyber Girl - Broken and Dj Sona Approves of This.

Brand-new songs: Lokalna porucha, Quite a Sad Song, Strasna hudba!, Ten Minutes to Deadline and We Are Brothers in ATRs 2.

2015/02/28  February 2015 update

Brand-new game Chimera+.

2015/01/31  January 2015 update

Brand-new games: Boulderdash Mugen 16, D.I.T.C.H., Dimo's Quest in ABBUC Land! - New Year 2015 Special Edition, MasterIt 2015 and Strictly Gone Bananas.

Brand-new intros and demos: Comic Squares, Fireworks 2015, Happy New Year 2015, Inc Year, Intro 2015, Near, New Year 2k15 Intro, NYDS and Xmastree 2015.

Brand-new pictures: Atari and Transmission.

2015/01/17  Calling all gamers!! Season 12 is starting at 8-bit High Score Club and everybody is welcome!

2015/01/12  Sikor Soft games

All games by Sikor Soft have been declared abandonware and it is my pleasure to add them to this site.

Here we go: 5x5, 5x5 - Edytor Hasel, ABC, Centurion - Defender of Rome, Cyborg, Fire Stone, Jurassic Park II, Ketchup, Liga Polska, Magic of Words, Max, Moscow 1993, Neuoid, Nexus, Orto Puzzle, Pilkarski Poker, Teacher Killer, Tekblast, Sexy Six.

Many thanks to Miker for the dump of 5x5 game!

2014/12/26  December 2014 update

Brand-new games: Birdfood, Boulderdash Mugen 15, International Karate Enhanced Version 2014, The Great Return of the Penguins and Treasure Island Dizzy.

Brand-new intros and demos: 2de, AD:6502 (Arsantica 2), C.G.S X-mas Card 2014, Cyberpunk, Dither, Duch, Firstie, Lotharek Dance, Stripes, The Lost Bytes, Torch, Undesigned, Vantage Point and Wavy 256 bytes.

Brand-new songs: Back from Fractalis, Back in Time, Destiny, Gdansk Airport Doesn't Like Atari, My Fault, Selftest Terror, Silly Venture 2014 GTIA Music Contest and The Third.

Brand-new pictures: APP Clown, Biba, Diver, I Came Here to Destroy Your World, Jaggi, Ka-Ri, Krasnoludek, Ona Tanczy dla..., Padme, Peace, Pleasure, Postcard, Romb Art, Scary, ST vs STe, Strazniczka and Viking Z.
2014/11/20  Ten fucking years have passed since day one and I think it's the right time for some changes as I'm not able to keep this madness going any longer.

a8.fandal.cz will be updated just once per month from now plus the plan is to add brand-new production only (if there is any).

I would like to thank Miker and Charlie Chaplin for supporting this site through all those years. Thank you very very much guys!

2014/11/16  New game Space Trader added.
2014/11/15  New game Formula 1 Racing added.
2014/11/09  New demo Enola Gay added.
2014/11/08  Games from Zmarly konkurs (organized by Sikor): Catch the Skull, Duchoskoczek.
2014/11/02  Atlantis Games Group released playable demo of their RPG Adventure Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold.
2014/11/01  Games from ABBUC SW Compo 2014: Dimo's Quest in ABBUC Land!, Nemezyro, Ransack!
2014/10/26  MPG Productions proudly present their new game RGB!
2014/10/25  Fall Demo added.
2014/10/19  New game Viewu I added.
2014/10/18  New games Nimmerland, Rocki im Lolliland added.
2014/10/12  Arki Demo I added.
2014/10/11  Nosty released brand-new game Radioactive Shit Happens!
2014/10/05  New game Hide And Seek added.
2014/10/04  The Game of Jericho added do the database.
2014/09/28  New game Castle Clobber added.
2014/09/27  Bapaug Demo and Bapaug Demo II added.
2014/09/21  Brand-new game Invenies Verba has been released!
2014/09/20  Games from Wap-niak 2014 party: Biedny Pies Antoni 2, Russian Roulette, SPEEDmaza, Sub Chase.
2014/09/14  New games A je to! and A je to II added.
2014/09/13  Trivia game Pop-n-Rocker added.
2014/09/07  New game Poor Ball! added.
2014/09/06  The Soundsample Demo added.
2014/08/31  New game Memory Match added.
2014/08/30  Brand-new intro Small Men with Old Devices added.
2014/08/24  New game T.T.T.1 added.
2014/08/23  New game Tink's Subtraction Fair added.
2014/08/17  New game Robots added.
2014/08/16  Brand-new intro Fischtro added.
2014/08/10  New game Siebzehn und vier added.
2014/08/09  Peter Meyer released playable demo of his newest game Delta Space Arena!
2014/08/03  Graphic production from Glucholazy 2k14 party: Kosmos, Latarnik, Lesny stwor, Minecraft, Pies gruszka, Zbrojny czolg, Zork.
2014/08/02  Music and demo production from Glucholazy 2k14 party: ChipSpringTune 2, Fast Demo, Sad Story in Eight Lines.
2014/07/27  New game Aliens by Randy Massey added to the database.
2014/07/26  Brand-new GTIA music collection Beep'em All 5 has been released!
2014/07/20  New game The Hidden Fortress III added.
2014/07/19  New intro First Vertical Scroll added.
2014/07/13  New game Cave Crisis added.
2014/07/12  New games Zaskolak and Zaskolak 2 (part I, II) added.
2014/07/06  Happy Pokey Stomper, the only A8 production from Sommarhack 2014 party, added.
2014/07/05  Fortification 2k15 Invitro added to the database.
2014/06/29  New game Kindercomp added.
2014/06/28  Brand-new intro Depixol added.
2014/06/22  English version of Trolls plus German version of Lapis Philosophorum and The Mask of the Sun added.
2014/06/21  New game Road Race added.
2014/06/15  New games Robbo Bubu, Robbo Pokraka, Robbo Simi, Robbo Simi 2013 added.
2014/06/14  New intro TDC Hack Demou added.
2014/06/08  New games Atalan Sokoban, Atalan Tetris, Atalan the Snake added.
2014/06/07  New game Auf Der Jagd Nach Mr. X added. Many thanks to Franz Haiden for the dump!
2014/06/01  New game Ghost Driver added.
2014/05/31  HeartWare added. Dedicated to Saskia & Thomas!
2014/05/25  New intro Dirty Dan added.
2014/05/24  New game Hyper-Space added.
2014/05/18  First Time Demo added.
2014/05/17  Stuff from Grzybsoniada 2014 party: 2048, Pixeroids, Rolo X.
2014/05/11  New game 7er Pinball added.
2014/05/10  Silly Venture 2k14 Invitro has been released!
2014/05/04  New game The Garden Walker added.
2014/05/03  Stereo music collection The TL's Old Music Show added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2014/04/27  A8 stuff from Revision 2014 party: Arsantica, Boom!k, Dark Magic, RebbStars.

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