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2019/02/28  February 2019 update

Brand-new games: Boulderdash Mugen 21 and Mister Hoppe.

Brand-new picture: Darksiders.

Brand-new song: Potato Heart.

2019/01/31  January 2019 update

Brand-new games: Combat, My Home, My Space, My Planet, New Year Girls, RealSports Curling, Rodman Demo, Space Fortress Omega.

Brand-new intros: Atari Invasion Invitation, DSR_NYD19, Happy 2019, HARD Twirl, Hello 2019, Impresstro, James Pond Intro, Mode11 Revised, Noiz15kHz, NYD 2019 Intro, WinTin, Xmas 2018.

2019/01/17  HSC Season 16

High Score Club on AtariAge has just started its 16th season! Have you played Atari today?

2018/12/31  December 2018 update

Brand-new game: New Adventures of Laura.

2018/11/30  November 2018 update

Brand-new games: Highway Encounter, Ski-It.

Brand-new intros: 16384, 6502 Compo Invitation, Burn!, Greed, Grey Screen with Broken Music, No Bank Skank, No Operation, Onedimensional, Pixel 256, RainboWomit, Rolpower 256b, Seaxteen, Starball 256b, True Maze 256, tunnelSM.

Brand-new pictures: Cleric, Dcity, Down the Rabbit Hole, Fujisama, Grom Hellscream, Mage, Maiden, Monster, Montezuma, Paladin, Sentry, Sister of Mercy, Starship, Succubus, Winter.

Brand-new songs: JIL, Sound of Change.

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