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2022/01/19  Calling all gamers! HSC Season #19 is about to start!

2021/12/31  December 2021 update

Brand-new games: Bombeeno, Bone Cruncher, Fire Fighter Tobik, Frostbite, Madhouse - In the House, Multijoy 17Players Roulette, Phoenix 2021, Robbery, Runfast, Troll's Treasure, Ufon, Yahtzee 2021, Zdenda's Montezuma.

Brand-new intros: Approximation 256b, Bigfire, Covidemo, Duo Noice+Desire, Jazzy Winter, Lovebyte 2022 Invite, Merry Christmas Compofiller, Metro, NYD 2022 Invitro, You've Got 2 Dance.

Brand-new pictures: Aztec Enter, Have You Played Atari Today?, Kotek, Lost Knight, Nautica, Omega Certificate, Silly Venture of the Sorcerer, Space Walk, The Land of Wonders, Willkommen im Winterland.

Brand-new songs: 7th Point, Acid Pigeon, Gears of War, Meadow Wishes, Mission Failed Successfully, Mono 15, Pokeydolski, Sleepless Nights, Too Silly to Care, Tribute to Masters, Why Do You Dance With Me?

2021/11/30  November 2021 update

Brand-new games: Barnstorming, Blokz, Fallen Kingdom, Final Assault, Gacek, Kooky Klimber 2021, Kowalsky's Fury 2, Robot Dungeon 2121, Varius.

2021/10/31  October 2021 update

Brand-new games: Kooky's Quest 2021, Prince of Persia, Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC.

Brand-new intro: Tomb.

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