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2023/01/31  January 2023 update

Brand-new games: mytris, Ninja - Help - Icopter, Pacman Labyrinth, Space Invaders Battle, Tupouni, Zdenda's Montezuma II.

Brand-new intros: 2 Ninja Or Not 2 Ninja, 202_hdlines, Another Unreal World, Archer, Atari Cie Ma, Atari Sweaters, ATASCII Compo 3, Dancing Drunk M.U.L.E. Friends, DJack, Evergreen, Floating On And On, InfiniHeli256, Just Regular Polygons, Just Sprites, run 23, sin_waves, Spiral grawitacja.

Brand-new pictures: Atari Rulez, E-THOT, Kto bardziej zaskoczony?, Missing Link in Human Evolution, Portrait of Wakagi, The Last of the Deer Men, Scarlet Waves, Silly Astro Venture, Silly Giant, Women in Moonlight.

Brand-new songs: (2) Many, A Unified Theme Remix, Age of Falcon, Follow the Invoices, Linear Motion, Nothing's Holding Me Back, RUN, Silky Adventure, Smurfs Falaise, Smus.

2022/12/31  December 2022 update

Brand-new games: Arcadia Xmas Quest, ProHiBan, Silk Dust, Silly Lander, Snail Run.

Brand-new demos and intros: Arsantica 0 - Rough Cut, ATASCII Compo 2023 Invitation, Chilltro #1, Gyresdar, L'Origine Du Monde, Lovetris, Malastor, Meadow, Necrostor, Ninja, NYD23 Invite, Pebbles, Reguskor, Silly Ribbon, Simple Plasm, Space_r, State of the Slayer, T100, The Pongfather (1972), Unified, Village, Voxel 2k16, Wesolych Swiat 2022, Yudrasder.

Brand-new picture: 1972, Birth of Love.

Brand-new songs: Goldrunner, Happy Fox.

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