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2022/12/31  December 2022 update

Brand-new games: Arcadia Xmas Quest, ProHiBan, Silk Dust, Silly Lander, Snail Run.

Brand-new demos and intros: Arsantica 0 - Rough Cut, ATASCII Compo 2023 Invitation, Chilltro #1, Gyresdar, L'Origine Du Monde, Lovetris, Malastor, Meadow, Necrostor, Ninja, NYD23 Invite, Pebbles, Reguskor, Silly Ribbon, Simple Plasm, Space_r, State of the Slayer, T100, The Pongfather (1972), Unified, Village, Voxel 2k16, Wesolych Swiat 2022, Yudrasder.

Brand-new picture: 1972, Birth of Love.

Brand-new songs: Goldrunner, Happy Fox.

2022/11/30  November 2022 update

Brand-new games: Arcadia, Battle of Eris, Binary Parasite, Break It 2022 Extended, BugiBugi, Der Schraenker, Der Schraenker 2, Dye - Heritage Edition.

Brand-new intro: Brave New World.

2022/10/31  October 2022 update

Brand-new games: Bruce Lee - Return of Fury, Bunny Hop, Cartfall, Dark Keep, Dracula Story, Guntus, Moon Quest, PacMen Evolution, Pelx & Kox, Retro Dschump, Rob 'n' Banks, Syrena - Obajtek Challenge, The Never Ending Story II, Trax, Zamczysko.

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