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2014/09/20  Games from Wap-niak 2014 party: Biedny Pies Antoni 2, Russian Roulette, SPEEDmaza, Sub Chase.
2014/09/14  New games A je to! and A je to II added.
2014/09/13  Trivia game Pop-n-Rocker added.
2014/09/07  New game Poor Ball! added.
2014/09/06  The Soundsample Demo added.
2014/08/31  New game Memory Match added.
2014/08/30  Brand-new intro Small Men with Old Devices added.
2014/08/24  New game T.T.T.1 added.
2014/08/23  New game Tink's Subtraction Fair added.
2014/08/17  New game Robots added.
2014/08/16  Brand-new intro Fischtro added.
2014/08/10  New game Siebzehn und vier added.
2014/08/09  Peter Meyer released playable demo of his newest game Delta Space Arena!
2014/08/03  Graphic production from Glucholazy 2k14 party: Kosmos, Latarnik, Lesny stwor, Minecraft, Pies gruszka, Zbrojny czolg, Zork.
2014/08/02  Music and demo production from Glucholazy 2k14 party: ChipSpringTune 2, Fast Demo, Sad Story in Eight Lines.
2014/07/27  New game Aliens by Randy Massey added to the database.
2014/07/26  Brand-new GTIA music collection Beep'em All 5 has been released!
2014/07/20  New game The Hidden Fortress III added.
2014/07/19  New intro First Vertical Scroll added.
2014/07/13  New game Cave Crisis added.
2014/07/12  New games Zaskolak and Zaskolak 2 (part I, II) added.
2014/07/06  Happy Pokey Stomper, the only A8 production from Sommarhack 2014 party, added.
2014/07/05  Fortification 2k15 Invitro added to the database.
2014/06/29  New game Kindercomp added.
2014/06/28  Brand-new intro Depixol added.
2014/06/22  English version of Trolls plus German version of Lapis Philosophorum and The Mask of the Sun added.
2014/06/21  New game Road Race added.
2014/06/15  New games Robbo Bubu, Robbo Pokraka, Robbo Simi, Robbo Simi 2013 added.
2014/06/14  New intro TDC Hack Demou added.
2014/06/08  New games Atalan Sokoban, Atalan Tetris, Atalan the Snake added.
2014/06/07  New game Auf Der Jagd Nach Mr. X added. Many thanks to Franz Haiden for the dump!
2014/06/01  New game Ghost Driver added.
2014/05/31  HeartWare added. Dedicated to Saskia & Thomas!
2014/05/25  New intro Dirty Dan added.
2014/05/24  New game Hyper-Space added.
2014/05/18  First Time Demo added.
2014/05/17  Stuff from Grzybsoniada 2014 party: 2048, Pixeroids, Rolo X.
2014/05/11  New game 7er Pinball added.
2014/05/10  Silly Venture 2k14 Invitro has been released!
2014/05/04  New game The Garden Walker added.
2014/05/03  Stereo music collection The TL's Old Music Show added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2014/04/27  A8 stuff from Revision 2014 party: Arsantica, Boom!k, Dark Magic, RebbStars.
2014/04/26  Amazing brand-new 256B intro Mona added.
2014/04/20  Hacks and ports from Flop magazine #57: Bounce Ball M4, Drutt M4+, Lunar Jetman.
2014/04/19  Brand-new games from Flop magazine #57: Exoter, Night Escape, Rubacka vo kopec, Thetris, Xirius Defect XXL.
2014/04/13  New games Boulderdash 1+, Boulderdash 2+, Boulderdash 3+ added.
2014/04/12  New game Utek z neznama added.
2014/04/06  New demo Fat Bottomed Girls added.
2014/04/05  The last "official" version of Pad game added to the database.
2014/03/30  New game Reckless Racer added.
2014/03/29  New game Donkey Kong Arcade added.
2014/03/23  Music and pictures from Forever 2k14 party: Be Strong!, Ghosts, I Care, Let Me See You Dance! Part 2, Pokey Forever, Vseobecna Porucha, Dragon Sign, With the Torch on Board.
2014/03/22  Intros and demos from Forever 2k14 party: 15 Hues (after party release), 15 Shades of Grey, Moving IT!, Olympussy, Rings, Rockford at the Olympic Games, Silly Venture Guru.
2014/03/16  New game Scromber added.
2014/03/15  New game My Spelling Easel added.
2014/03/09  Ninja Eyes Demo added.
2014/03/08  New games Das Abenteuer, The Adventure plus updated version of Stratego added. Many thanks to author for these dumps!
2014/03/02  Brand-new 1kB game Floppy Bird has been released. Welcome back, Frederik!
2014/03/01  New game Word Radar added.
2014/02/23  Xeen released brand-new 1kB game Bad Bat Bart!
2014/02/22  New game Hubert added. Many thanks to Charlie Chaplin for the dump!
2014/02/16  Mister Antic's Demo 5 and Mister Antic's Demo 6 added. Many thanks to Seban for the dump!
2014/02/15  New game Indiana Jones a chram zkazy added.
2014/02/09  New game Laby-Leo added. Many thanks to author for the dump!
2014/02/08  New games Robbo SWS 01, Robbo SWS 02, Robbo SWS 03, Robbo SWS 04, Robbo SWS 05 added.
2014/02/02  Pretty cool picture Ancient Atari Vanished Omen added. It scored the 3rd place at tUM 2013 oldschool gfx compo.
2014/02/01  A8 version of Nyan added to the database.
2014/01/26  Brand-new intro Where Is the Snow? added.
2014/01/25  Phaeron did it again! His newest port from the Atari VCS is Stampede by Activision.
2014/01/19  Another day, another conversion. Here comes PET Galaga.
2014/01/18  New game Perplexity added. Conversion from the BBC Micro by Fandal and Irgendwer.
2014/01/13  Atari 8-bit High Score Club on AtariAge has just started Season 11! Fun, fun and more fun!
2014/01/12  Another brand-new production Xmas Badtro added.
2014/01/11  Sikor released Caveblaster+, improved version of Holgibo's Caveblaster.
2014/01/05  Intros from New Years Disc 2014: Bob the Snake, Happy 2014, Happy New 2014 Year!, How Deep Is Your Love, Samba Gone Bad, Twisthorizontal, X-8 New Years Intro, Xenon Song #3.
2014/01/04  Games from New Years Disc 2014: Caveblaster, Lunar Blitz.
2013/12/29  Creature XL released extended edition of his game Heli in the Caves!
2013/12/28  Brand-new intro Mono added.
2013/12/22  And happy holidays!
2013/12/21  Merry Christmas!
2013/12/15  Eastern Front 1941 Scenario Editor added.
2013/12/14  Brand-new BD sets Boulderdash Mugen 11, Boulderdash Mugen 12, Boulderdash Mugen 13, Boulderdash Mugen 14 added.
2013/12/08  Very interesting game Mountains added to the database.
2013/12/07  OK. It's time for some early Christmas present. Here comes enhanced version of classic game Roll 'Em. You're welcome.
2013/12/01  New game Fight added. Many thanks to Franz Haiden for the dump!
2013/11/30  Another brand-new music production Surprise added. Composed for Retro Komp/Load Error 2013 party. Many thanks to Voy/SSG^Dial for the link!
2013/11/24  Pictures from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Atari vs PC, Beyond the Unfinished Evil, Biker, Crazy Is My Life, Czarna na urlopie, Guardian, Jaguar, Mega lo Mania, No Sheep Here, Nowadays Venus, Rhetorical Question, Skullman, Sniezka Mountain Observatory, ST vs Amiga, Thread of Life, Toronado Horse, Triumph of Architecture.
2013/11/23  Music production from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Amaze Me!, Chip Chop, Energy, Fastfunk, Illusive, Mylotremylaza Arebaliatypowa Sylfokudrola Wielkiego, Nightlore, See My Wings, Silly Denture, Surprise 2, Sweet Happens.
2013/11/17  Games Silly Venture 2k13 party: Amaurote 128, Asteroidz, Attack of the Mutant Pigeons, Daffy, Jan Ken Pon, Munching Mandy, Piranha, Sumator.
2013/11/16  Intros and demos from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Addicted, Beep'em All IV, Block Rocker, Fresh Meat, Gene, MetaBalls 1k, Quarter 1, So Serious Demo, Triple Threat, We Are Retro, X And Y.
2013/11/10  New game Jurassic Park by Datri added.
2013/11/09  Brand-new production What Is Love added to the database.
2013/11/03  Games from the ABBUC SW Compo 2013: Rolltris, Speedway One, The Hunt, X:8, Xirius Defect.
2013/11/02  Games from the ABBUC SW Compo 2013: Assembloids XE, Battle Eagle, Deathchase XE, Dev War, Heli in the Caves.
2013/10/27  New intros Crackers United 1, Crackers United 2, Crackers United 3, Crackers United 4 added.
2013/10/26  Brand-new game Kiki Pong has been released!
2013/10/20  New game Roulette by J. Gernreich added.
2013/10/19  Brand-new production WAP-NIAK 2013 After Party Info-Screen added.
2013/10/13  The R-Type Demo added.
2013/10/12  New games Atlantis Boulderdash, Pac Boulder added.

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