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2013/12/14  Brand-new BD sets Boulderdash Mugen 11, Boulderdash Mugen 12, Boulderdash Mugen 13, Boulderdash Mugen 14 added.
2013/12/08  Very interesting game Mountains added to the database.
2013/12/07  OK. It's time for some early Christmas present. Here comes enhanced version of classic game Roll 'Em. You're welcome.
2013/12/01  New game Fight added. Many thanks to Franz Haiden for the dump!
2013/11/30  Another brand-new music production Surprise added. Composed for Retro Komp/Load Error 2013 party. Many thanks to Voy/SSG^Dial for the link!
2013/11/24  Pictures from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Atari vs PC, Beyond the Unfinished Evil, Biker, Crazy Is My Life, Czarna na urlopie, Guardian, Jaguar, Mega lo Mania, No Sheep Here, Nowadays Venus, Rhetorical Question, Skullman, Sniezka Mountain Observatory, ST vs Amiga, Thread of Life, Toronado Horse, Triumph of Architecture.
2013/11/23  Music production from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Amaze Me!, Chip Chop, Energy, Fastfunk, Illusive, Mylotremylaza Arebaliatypowa Sylfokudrola Wielkiego, Nightlore, See My Wings, Silly Denture, Surprise 2, Sweet Happens.
2013/11/17  Games Silly Venture 2k13 party: Amaurote 128, Asteroidz, Attack of the Mutant Pigeons, Daffy, Jan Ken Pon, Munching Mandy, Piranha, Sumator.
2013/11/16  Intros and demos from Silly Venture 2k13 party: Addicted, Beep'em All IV, Block Rocker, Fresh Meat, Gene, MetaBalls 1k, Quarter 1, So Serious Demo, Triple Threat, We Are Retro, X And Y.
2013/11/10  New game Jurassic Park by Datri added.
2013/11/09  Brand-new production What Is Love added to the database.
2013/11/03  Games from the ABBUC SW Compo 2013: Rolltris, Speedway One, The Hunt, X:8, Xirius Defect.
2013/11/02  Games from the ABBUC SW Compo 2013: Assembloids XE, Battle Eagle, Deathchase XE, Dev War, Heli in the Caves.
2013/10/27  New intros Crackers United 1, Crackers United 2, Crackers United 3, Crackers United 4 added.
2013/10/26  Brand-new game Kiki Pong has been released!
2013/10/20  New game Roulette by J. Gernreich added.
2013/10/19  Brand-new production WAP-NIAK 2013 After Party Info-Screen added.
2013/10/13  The R-Type Demo added.
2013/10/12  New games Atlantis Boulderdash, Pac Boulder added.
2013/10/06  Music from WAP-NIAK 2k13 party: Cantaloopatari, Druid, There Are Many Sheep in Outer Mongolia.
2013/10/05  Games from WAP-NIAK 2k13 party: Mini-Race, Soccer Pong.
2013/09/29  New game Itsu added.
2013/09/28  New game Stickybear Numbers added. 100% working crack by Fandal.
2013/09/22  New demo Excitation added.
2013/09/21  New games Fantazi 1 (parts I, II) and Fantazi 2 (parts I, II) added.
2013/09/15  New game Spellakazam added.
2013/09/14  Old VS Games added to the database.
2013/09/08  Brand-new production WAP-NIAK 2013 Invitro added.
2013/09/07  New game Lunar Battle added.
2013/09/01  New game Wetlina '89 added.
2013/08/31  Music collection Musikbox added. Many thanks to Irgendwer and efy!
2013/08/25  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k13 party: songs Far Away, Chip Spring Tune, pictures Fred, Glazy2013, Ogrodnik, Pszczelak, Wampirek.
2013/08/24  Brand-new intro Silly Venture 2k13 Invitro added.
2013/07/30  Yet another Alien 8 update. Many thanks to myself for reporting and fixing critical animation bug.
2013/07/29  Alien 8 update: fixed version (items shifting bug) is available for download.
2013/07/28  New game Alien 8 added. Conversion from BBC Micro by Fandal, Miker, Emkay. Many thanks to Solaris104 for betatesting!
2013/07/27  New game Race Trap added.
2013/07/21  New game Adalmar added.
2013/07/20  New game Sword Thrust added.
2013/07/14  New game Monkey Up a Tree added.
2013/07/13  MMMG Soft Demo added. Does anybody have the second missing disk?
2013/07/07  OK. After a very long break, there is a time for TIP animations update. Five 64kB ones: Bailing, Bronco, Maus, What a Fun, Wolf Walk, five 128kB ones: Blue Cube, Boings, Bongo, Dodecahedron, Illusions, five 320kB ones: Chrono Cross, Kickers, Moe Throw, Ray Check, Roller Coaster. Many thanks to Charlie Chaplin for all these files!
2013/07/06  New game Geografia-Quiz added.
2013/06/30  Music collections Music Master-3, Music Master-4 added.
2013/06/29  Never finished but fully playable prototype of Risk game added to the database.
2013/06/23  New game Verb Viper added.
2013/06/22  Mixer Demo added.
2013/06/16  Stichting Pokey Game added.
2013/06/15  Boogy Demo 1991 added.
2013/06/09  New game Na stope zlocinu added.
2013/06/08  Do you want to be frustrated to tears? Try Jumping Ball.
2013/06/02  New game Mine Runner added.
2013/06/01  New games Robbo PanDino, Robbo PanDino 2 added.
2013/05/26  New game Numtris added.
2013/05/25  Brand-new game Liczenie obrazkow has been released!
2013/05/19  Another brand-new production Muad'Dib GFX Slideshow added to the database.
2013/05/18  Brand-new intro Animals on Atari has been released at Outline 2013 party!
2013/05/12  Gfx and msx production from Fortification 2k13 party: Demon Defeated, Demon's Eye, Dwarf, Fortification, Magic Stone, Potwor, Dust, Fort, Saperflaj.
2013/05/11  Games from Fortification 2k13 party: Another Stupid Game, Balz, Koza Fighter, Robotype, Tetryx, Wybierak do stolca.
2013/05/05  Updated version of Plan B game added. Indestructible powerups mode is available now (gamers' request).
2013/05/04  Mission Music Demo added.
2013/04/28  New game Pyramida added.
2013/04/27  Never released game Cicro Bianco added to the database. Many thanks to Philsan and author for saving this high quality production!
2013/04/21  More stuff from Flop magazine No. 56: my multijoy hacks Impact M4, Table Football M4+ and an electronic novel Moje prvni Atari by Poison, the best Atarian of all times and all known universes. Plus special bonus: never released game Race Against Time, the very first production by Czech software company Fuco.
2013/04/20  Brand-new games from Flop magazine No. 56: Helicops, Mahjong XE, The Rockies.
2013/04/14  New game Math Maze added.
2013/04/13  Two brand-new BD sets by Dr. Mugen: Boulderdash Mugen 9, Boulderdash Mugen 10.
2013/04/07  And another brand-new production: demo ASpongy written for Revision 2k13 party!
2013/04/06  Brand-new intro Easter Twist by Agenda & Mad Team has been released!
2013/04/01  VS-Studio released preview of their newest game VS Poker!
2013/03/31  New game Ski-Race added.
2013/03/30  Defender Protype added to the database. Many thanks to Curt Vendel for unearthing this pretty interesting piece of Atari 8-bit history!
2013/03/24  Msx & gfx production from Forever 14 party: Factorizer, Freestylers - Push Up, Just Be Happy!, Let Me See You Dance!, [Pong] Atari Style, Viva Las Vegas, Dark Dragon, Moonrise.
2013/03/23  Demos, intros and even a game from Forever 14 party: Forever Or Never, King Isn't Dead, Look Around, New Direction, Plasma 1k, Quest For Elvis, Ye Olde Plasma, Where Is Elvis?.
2013/03/17  New games Farao 1 (parts I, II) and Farao 2 (parts I, II) added.
2013/03/16  Blitz Demo added.
2013/03/10  MatoSimi released final version of Dynakillers Unchained, his very first multijoy hack! Welcome to the club, bro!
2013/03/09  Lambada Digi Demo added.
2013/03/03  New games Mrs. Rockford Dash, Sensemann Dash added.
2013/03/02  Isaac Davis released updated version of his game Sudoku.
2013/02/26  Czech A8 musician Poison released EP version of his newest audio CD Damned Worlds. Full album will be released at ByteFest 2k13 party.
2013/02/24  Fixed version of TL Cars added to the database. More details in my blog.
2013/02/23  New intro PF 1998 added.
2013/02/17  New game Ram Test added.
2013/02/16  Hyper active SquoQuo released brand-new invitro This Is Revision!
2013/02/10  Interesting solitaire game Pyramid added to the database. Short description included.
2013/02/09  New game Moonstone added.
2013/02/03  New games My Second Alphabet, My Third Alphabet added.
2013/02/02  New game Space Walker added.
2013/01/27  Dancing Asses, just for you baby!
2013/01/26  New game Tri kapitani added.
2013/01/21  Popular High Score Club on AtariAge has just started season #10!!
2013/01/20  New intro Future added.
2013/01/19  New game Atari Memory added.
2013/01/13  New game Alligator Mix added.
2013/01/12  New game Time Bomb added.
2013/01/06  Selection of the best stuff from New Years Disk 2k13: Dice 2013, Doomsday Demo, Fireworks, Happy 2013, Hello 2k13, NYD 2013, Rolling Stars, Rough Rider.
2013/01/05  SquoQuo released brand-new demo Epic Realtime!
2012/12/30  New game Gag added.
2012/12/29  New game Space Fighter II added.

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