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2005/03/06  Krzysztof Gora aka Vega has released beta version 1.2 of his great Yie Ar Kung Fu game!
2005/03/05  New demo Comet added.
2005/03/04  Czech text adveture Samuraj added.
2005/03/03  New game Rychle sipy by Datri added.
2005/03/02  New game Break-Out added.
2005/03/01  Another video by Madteam called Road added.
2005/02/28  New demo Killer Whales added.
2005/02/27  New G2F picture Imaginations added. Beef Drop game updated to the latest preview version.
2005/02/26  New game Koffi: Yellow Kopter by Ron Lloyd added. Originally written for Atari 5200.
2005/02/25  Zlodej 3, the last part of Vrazda/Zlodej saga, released.
2005/02/24  New game Zlodej 2 added.
2005/02/23  Vrazda saga by Datri continues with Zlodej 1.
2005/02/22  New game Fruit Salad added.
2005/02/21  New demo Evil Pac-Man from Unconventional 2001 added.
2005/02/20  Disco Zax music added.
2005/02/19  Very nice Apache AH64 picture added. Twenty seven colours in action.
2005/02/18  New game The Alphabet Factory added.
2005/02/17  Do you remember what NHL formerly was about? A long time ago it was about hockey, not about bullshits...
2005/02/16  Atari 800XL, the last of Karsten Schmidt's big demos with fullscreen rotating objects, added.
2005/02/15  The-Star Wars Demo added.
2005/02/14  Condensation game added.
2005/02/13  New game Pirate Pond added.
2005/02/12  Brullwurfel demo added.
2005/02/10  New demo High Resolution Power Pack Demo added.
2005/02/09  Paul Lee has released Missile Command+, a hack of well-know game by Atari. Main changes are following: three bases, self play demo and new intro.
2005/02/08  The Trabant Demo added.
2005/02/07  Intro Techtips (part I and II) added.
2005/02/05  The end of mystery murder comes in Vrazda 4.
2005/02/04  The story still is not finished... Vrazda 3 added.
2005/02/03  The saga continues: Vrazda 2 added.
2005/02/02  New game Vrazda added.
2005/02/01  Two really very nice interlaced pictures Jannie and Naomine added.
2005/01/31  New text adventure Hrad smrti added.
2005/01/30  New demo Panther II - Intro added.
2005/01/29  Another successful effort by Fandal! Today I've converted Star Maze game by Roklan from cartridge to file version.
2005/01/28  New G2F picture Simpsons XXX 3 added.
2005/01/27  New game Fast Action added.
2005/01/26  Here comes the rest of Digiplay series: parts VI, VII, VIII and End.
2005/01/25  Digiplay series continues with parts III, IV and V.
2005/01/24  Digitized sounds Digiplay, Digiplay I and Digiplay II added as well as link to the current Heaven's project Boinxx.
2005/01/23  New game Sam doma added.
2005/01/22  Two interlaced pictures Suzi 1 and Suzi 2 added.
2005/01/21  New game Flash (part I and part II) added.
2005/01/20  New game Hrad smrti II added. Unique net game JellyBeans by Chris Martin updated to version 1.0.2.
2005/01/19  Added two pictures SD Teen and Scully 3.
2005/01/18  New text adventure Arabela added.
2005/01/17  Guys from Atarimania released two demonstration disks of never finished game UFO by Atari UK. Here comes my more "user friendly" version. Check disk two for source codes in MAC/65.
2005/01/16  New game Rommel - Battles for Tobruk added.
2005/01/15  Next two G2F pictures Bird and Quak Quak by TeBe added.
2005/01/14  TeBe aka Tomasz Biela seems to be very busy with making G2F porn pictures but his HiRes creations are really cool. If you are at least 18 check Simpson XXX 2 picture.
2005/01/13  Promised disk version of Datri's Lemmings finally released! Enjoy, brothers!!!
2005/01/12  Have you ever seen great Lemmings game by Datri as a disk version? I'm sure you have not, because so far nobody was able to convert it. Fortunately one man finally did it for you! Who? Who else but Fandal! Oh, yes!! Today I have for you three intros to the best Datri's game (#1, #2 and #3) and tomorrow I'll release the game itself!
2005/01/11  G2F picture Simpsons XXX added. For adult only!
2005/01/10  Text adventure Jones added.
2005/01/09  Gold House game added.
2005/01/08  New demos Approach - Boing Mix and Shiffer 2 added.
2005/01/07  Interlaced pictures Blond 6 and Pamela 3 added. Fixed binary of Pyromania game.
2005/01/06  Two demos Gem'x and Super Mario added.
2005/01/05  New game National Hockey League Coach 98 added.
2005/01/04  Wiewer demo added.
2005/01/03  New game Pyromania added.
2005/01/02  Added four new G2F pictures: Defender of the Crown, Happy New Year 2005, Less Transitions and Robin.
2005/01/01  New demo Thanker added.
2004/12/31  Added new game Sam doma II.
2004/12/30  Bryan Edewaard released binary executable of his Castle Crisis game.
2004/12/29  Three very nice G2F pictures Agony, Christmas Girl and Krtek added.
2004/12/28  Datri's Videogame (part I and part II) added.
2004/12/27  New games Brutal Karate and Settlers 1.2 added.
2004/12/26  Missing 3rd part of Datri's megademo Atari Experiment and The Fifth Element intro added.
2004/12/25  Demos Duke 3D View and Shadow Warrior View added.
2004/12/24  Chris Martin released version 1.0.1 of his great network game Jellybeans.
2004/12/23  Next two intros from Silly Venture 2k4 have arrived: Cosmos and Grzybson Intro 5.
2004/12/22  Added Datri's Czech text adventure game Panther (part I and part II).
2004/12/21  Added Deform, the only one (?) A8 intro from Silly Venture 2k4.
2004/12/20  Added Datri's game National Hockey League Coach 96 (part I, part II and part III).
2004/12/19  New game Galactic Patrol added.
2004/12/18  Added three demos Hot Babe, Pamela 1 and Schiffer 1.
2004/12/17  Two demos Info Demo II and Happy Birthday added.
2004/12/16  Famous Czech Atari coder Datri lent me yesterday five tapes with all his 365 games and demos written for 8-bit Atari so you can expect a lot of cool stuff coming in following weeks and months. The series of sometimes very rare and sometimes so-far-never-seen stuff begins with legendary game Settlers.
2004/12/15  Added word game Anagrams by John Foskett.
2004/12/14  New game designed especially for very seldom used light gun called Light Gun Blaster added.
2004/12/13  Added demos Digi-Sound-Demo and Sintro.
2004/12/12  New game Pipeliners XL added.
2004/12/11  Math Game by Lawrence James added.
2004/12/10  Another three adventure games added: Deathworld, High School Confidental and Madhouse.
2004/12/09  Text adventure game The Wizard's Sword added.
2004/12/08  Added game Ball-Craecker - another cool stuff from Homesoft's famous cracking workshop.
2004/12/07  Added German game Pyramidos. It comes on four disks and was cracked by Homesoft.
2004/12/06  Kemal Ezcan's game The Big Quest added.
2004/12/05  New games Fuse, Des Chiffres et des Lettres and Light Flight added.
2004/12/04  Added new games Chicken by Stan Ockers and Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump by James Hague.
2004/12/03  Games Blockade, Superfly 1k+ and Space Trap added.
2004/12/02  Great news from Poland: works on game Yie Ar Kung Fu resumed! For latest informations visit project's homepage.
2004/12/01  Skunk game added. It took place in ABBUC programming contest 2003.
2004/11/30  Another version of classic game Frogger added. This one was written by Chuck Benton in 1981.
2004/11/29  Added Silly Venture 2k4 Invitation and playable demo of very promising Ken Siders' game Beef Drop.
2004/11/28  Bopotron Construction Set added.
2004/11/27  New game Airline added, fixed binaries of Arrow of Death - Part I and Arrow of Death - Part II.
2004/11/25  Added Scene Register 2.0, Scene Register 3.0 - Informacja and Scene Register 3.0 - Statystyka.
2004/11/24  New game The Emperor added.

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