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2009/05/24  New game Labyrinthe added.
2009/05/23  New intro The Visitors added.
2009/05/17  New game Ninzova pomsta (parts I, II) added.
2009/05/16  New game Deduct added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2009/05/10  New game Mr. Robot Plus added to the database.
2009/05/09  Belmondo Demo added. Many thanks to Miker!
2009/05/03  New game Dzungla added.
2009/05/02  New game Puzzler added.
2009/04/26  New game Detective added.
2009/04/25  New game Breakout-Duell added.
2009/04/19  New game Holgi's Backgammon added.
2009/04/18  New intro Getting Better added.
2009/04/12  New game M-ss-ng L-nks added. Converted from VAPI image.
2009/04/11  New game Space Ball added.
2009/04/05  Song Manager added. Cool digitized music!
2009/04/04  Gaming stuff from new issue of Flop magazine: Deflektor II, Indiana Jones 4, Killa Cycle M4, Proto Basketball M4+, Space Arena, Vietnamska mise.
2009/03/29  Jurassic Part II Demoversion and Skinhead Demo added.
2009/03/28  New game Cities UK added.
2009/03/22  Monochromatic Demo added. Many thanx to Miker!
2009/03/21  New game Hrad added.
2009/03/16  Stuff from FOReVER|neXt: pictures 1930, Corelation, elFi, Ghoul, Superbabe, Temple, songs Amelie, M.A.B., Wyjasnijmy to sobie, 1kB intros Balls Forever, Shademorph, demos Ilusia, Just for Fun, Summertime.
2009/03/15  Eva Intro added.
2009/03/14  New game Patience by Kemal Ezcan added. And I love solitaire card games!
2009/03/09  Songs from music compo organized by atarionline.pl: 4Tk35, Cosmic Escape, Cured by Accident, Duper-Super, Here Comes the Night, Instrumentarium, Kissparty, Lost and Found, Naue, Podnieta, Sunset on the Moon, The Last Song.
2009/03/08  New games Super Ball 3 and Super Ball 4 added.
2009/03/07  New game Mr. Blue's Memory added.
2009/03/01  Demo 6 added.
2009/02/28  New game Woorly the Worm added.
2009/02/22  Detail's Second Demo added.
2009/02/21  New game Indiana Jones a chram zkazy added.
2009/02/15  New game Rocket Man added.
2009/02/14  Help Globus Demo added. Many thanks to Miker!
2009/02/08  New game Atari Telly Turtle added. Converted from VAPI image.
2009/02/07  New game Beton Panik added.
2009/02/01  New game Jackpot added.
2009/01/31  New game Jack the Digger added.
2009/01/25  New game Saper added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/01/24  G2F is back: Barbarian, Baron, Caesar, Camelot, Chelolin, Dragon's Nest, Fire And Brimstone, Prince of Persia I, Prince of Persia II, Prince of Persia III, Prince of Persia IV, Recall by Resurrection Credits, SimCity, Space Chicks, Spellbinder, Xenon, Zalaga.
2009/01/19  The only entry from 24h PMG compo organized by atariarea.pl called PM-09 added.
2009/01/18  New game Lankhmar added. Many thanks to Charlie Chaplin for the dump!
2009/01/17  New game Imperator added.
2009/01/11  New intro Ricola added.
2009/01/10  Four games by Cymbal Software added to the database: Convention, Galactic Defender, Ice, Metrodome. Many thanks for help to Miker!
2009/01/04  Brand-new game Click! added.
2009/01/03  Cool collection New Years Disk 2009 added.
2008/12/31  xxl released fixed version of his game Loops of Zen.
2008/12/29  Bump is another brand-new game written for a contest organized by atarionline.pl.
2008/12/28  Monochrome Demo added.
2008/12/27  Another brand-new production from Poland called Byx-Man added.
2008/12/22  Scalak and Kaz released brand-new game Dratewka the Shoemaker!
2008/12/21  New game Weihnachtsspiel added. Merry Christmas!
2008/12/20  New game Eckn+ added.
2008/12/15  xxl and comp. released final version of Night Driver conversion!
2008/12/14  New game Debil's Action I (parts I and II) added.
2008/12/13  Sudoku by Isaac Davis added to the database.
2008/12/07  New game Bubble Zone added.
2008/12/06  New game Sneek added.
2008/11/30  New game Gallery of Death added.
2008/11/29  1-bit GTIA music sounds cool! Don't you believe? Just try Beep'em All demo. Real HW strongly recommended.
2008/11/24  Vega released improved version 1.5 of great conversion Bomb Jack.
2008/11/23  New game Yargos Dilemma Pt 2 added.
2008/11/22  New game Trapped! added.
2008/11/16  Another fresh production Indiana Jones III - Tajemstvi Svateho Gralu added...
2008/11/15  Brand-new game Loops of Zen has been released!
2008/11/09  The 1 MB Raytracing Animation Demo modified for pure $D301 expansions added.
2008/11/08  Both games from ABBUC 2008 SW Compo added to the database. Many thanks to authors of Animal Party and Blackbox for permission to publish their games on my site!
2008/11/02  A selection of finest TIP animations: Basket, Chicken, Choochoo, Diablo, Fox & Wolf, Frog, Magician, Moo, Strandball, Trampolin.
2008/11/01  GR8 Software released brand-new game Hobgoblin!
2008/10/26  Music collection Sonix added.
2008/10/25  Final step in Deflektor saga: file version for 64 kB machines!
2008/10/19  New game Radical Rupert added
2008/10/18  Fixed and fully working version of Balla-Balla game added to the database. Many thanks to tWh and Charlie Chaplin for providing original file.
2008/10/12  New game I Love My Alphabet added.
2008/10/11  Final version of great game Bomb Jack has been released!
2008/10/10  Philsan released new version 1.3 of his game Cookie Monster.
2008/10/05  New intro The Mission Part III added. Many thanks to Miker!
2008/10/04  New game Denk & Schieb! added.
2008/09/28  Avex Intro added.
2008/09/27  New game Nastrahy velkomesta added.
2008/09/21  The Phantasy Demo added.
2008/09/20  New game Swop added.
2008/09/15  Fixed and fully playable version of classic title Electrician released. Happy gaming!
2008/09/14  A new addition to multijoy games family: Floyd of the Jungle.
2008/09/13  Game Harry added.
2008/09/07  New intro Happy Easter 2007 added.
2008/09/06  New game Arcade Attack added.
2008/09/01  Fully working dump of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Part II added to the database.
2008/08/31  New games Emgeton Story (part I, II) and Emgeton Story II (part I, II) added.
2008/08/30  New game I'm Different added.
2008/08/24  Krystian's First Atari Intro added.
2008/08/23  New game The Battle of Chickamauga added.
2008/08/17  Three cool TIP animations Bugs, Juggler, Whee created in TIP Animator by TeBe and Lewis...
2008/08/16  Mega Demo DTM added. Many thanks to Miker!
2008/08/10  Thanks to www.atarionline.pl we can now admire alpha version of never finished game Samobojcy. Pretty impressive!
2008/08/09  New game Zulu Warpath added.
2008/08/03  Another barrier broken! Who needs special Super Charger cart to play Assault Force 3-D?
2008/08/02  Final versions of Hello, Mr 6502 and Pure demos added to the database.
2008/07/28  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k8 party: intros Crossover, Grzybson Intro 7, pictures Atari z ojca na syna, Beerix, Escape from Zion, Love is Undead, Major Nemos, Tempting, slideshow Eugenia, songs Acidjazzed Evening, Bazaltowy Rzezimieszek, Flimbo's Quest, m4700rK4, Przyjacielska rada, Who Knows, demos Unfused, World the First. Please note that final versions of demos Pure and MR6502 will be released later.
2008/07/27  New game Desert Race added.
2008/07/26  New game Bong added.

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