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2006/06/03  New game A.R.O.P. added.
2006/06/02  New game Vulcano added. Created for MiniGame Compo 2006.
2006/06/01  Amegas and Breakthru hardsynth songs by Emkay added.
2006/05/31  Radiation demo (parts I and II) added.
2006/05/30  New demo Maxx Out 3 added.
2006/05/29  New demo Maxx Out 2 added.
2006/05/28  New demo Maxx Out added.
2006/05/28  xxl released fixed version of his great Flowers Mania game.
2006/05/27  New game Wilde 15 added.
2006/05/26  New game Cherry Harry II added.
2006/05/25  New game Inza 2. added.
2006/05/24  New game Inza added.
2006/05/23  xxl and comp. released brand-new game Flowers Mania! Happy gaming!
2006/05/22  Fixed version of More! intro added. Courtesy of Miker.
2006/05/21  Cool music demo The Player v.3.0 added. Thank you, Miker!
2006/05/20  New game Laser Chess added.
2006/05/19  New game Bull and Cow added.
2006/05/18  Demo Collection added.
2006/05/17  New G2F pictures Iron Lord I, Iron Lord II, Iron Lord III and Iron Lord IV added.
2006/05/16  New G2F pictures Donkey Kong, Fred's Back, Girl, Indiana Jones, Judge Dredd, Rooster and Super Snake added.
2006/05/15  The Decade Demo added.
2006/05/14  New game Ortografia added.
2006/05/13  New game Perly Szeherezady added. Many thanks to atari.online.pl team for finding this very rare stuff.
2006/05/12  New game Infiltrator: The Adventure added.
2006/05/11  New game Bombs Away! added.
2006/05/10  Stak Demo added.
2006/05/09  New game Siberuv drahokam added.
2006/05/08  Fixed versions of Cervi 2, Cubico and Shoot'em All added to the database.
2006/05/07  So, Atariada 2006 and great after party session are over and I think all visitors had a good time being there. For the rest of you I at least have some good news: new issue of Flop magazine has been released as well as my newest game Astro4 Road. Enjoy!
2006/05/06  New game Hotel Allien added.
2006/05/05  I expected hard work but it was unbelievably easy! In just one hour I converted Bug Hunt game from cart to file version! To fully working version!! It means bank switching is still there. And that's the reason why my file version requires 130XE...
2006/05/04  New game K*Bert added.
2006/05/03  Shit Intro added.
2006/05/02  2nd Demo added.
2006/05/01  Music collection Supersynthesizer by Kemal Ezcan added.
2006/04/30  Another stuff by Hopper/SquoQuo: improved version of Let's Hop game.
2006/04/29  Hopper of SquoQuo group released final version of his new game Ms. Bulimia!
2006/04/28  Sigma Intro #1 added.
2006/04/27  G2F picture The Last Ninja 2 added.
2006/04/26  Acheron Demo added.
2006/04/25  SquoQuo group released final version of its crazy game Shit Alpin 2005.
2006/04/24  New game Strip FunMaze added.
2006/04/23  New game Deneb added.
2006/04/22  New game Chopper Mission added.
2006/04/21  New game Farao added.
2006/04/20  New game Ples upiru added.
2006/04/19  Stuff from Noise party: pictures Easter Night and Glizda, Rolo 9 demo and T'h'r'u's't song.
2006/04/18  New game 21 Blackjack added.
2006/04/17  New game Lunar Lander 2 added.
2006/04/16  Metro Cross Demo added.
2006/04/15  New intro PC Music 1 added.
2006/04/14  Winter picture added.
2006/04/13  New intro Lucifer's First added.
2006/04/12  New demo Music Miracle added.
2006/04/11  Mytus Demo added.
2006/04/10  New game Duel II added.
2006/04/09  New game OiX added.
2006/04/08  New game Flop And Flip added.
2006/04/07  New game Fantom opery added.
2006/04/06  Demo of unfortunately never finished game Gunner (information confirmed by ESC) added.
2006/04/05  New game Zauberball added.
2006/04/04  New game Time Warp added.
2006/04/03  New demo Barad Dur added.
2006/04/02  Fixed versions of G2F pictures Tribute to Thyness and Crises uploaded.
2006/04/02  Demo Tele added.
2006/04/01  New demo One Man added.
2006/03/31  New G2F pictures Crises, Mikie, Slicks, Steg and The Last Ninja added.
2006/03/30  New G2F pictures Cool World, Create with Garfield 1, Create with Garfield 2, Lupo Alberto and Manga Girl added.
2006/03/29  New game Pigs in Space added.
2006/03/28  New game Gallery added.
2006/03/27  New game The Run+Jump Construction Set added.
2006/03/26  Classic game Thrust with patch for joystick control added to the database.
2006/03/25  New game Bugout added.
2006/03/24  Strategic game Galakticka rise added.
2006/03/23  And finally graphics from Forever 2k6: Borg Pirate Landed in MiddleAge, Death Lord, Dragons Paradise, Victory and Wally Race.
2006/03/22  Music from Forever 2006: Gerappaaaaaa! , Hooy (f) , Jatatap, Meryb and Three Hundred Thirteen.
2006/03/21  Time for demos presented at Forever 2006: Bash!, Rolo 7 and Rolo 8.
2006/03/20  All 1kB intros from Forever 2006 are ready for download: Chuck Norris Know 6502, ERF, Landfucker, Plastic and The Steam Train.
2006/03/19  New game Brain Strainers added.
2006/03/18  New game Gravitar added.
2006/03/17  Wisniewski Bros. released final version of PolyMatrix demo.
2006/03/16  New game Rats!!! Rats!!! Rats!!! added.
2006/03/15  Knife Edge pinball added.
2006/03/14  More czech conversions of classic titles: Kampania Wrzesniowa, Star Blade and Stranded.
2006/03/13  Something for my dear fellows: czech versions of Agent USA, Aztec and World Soccer.
2006/03/12  Wooha, another first-class crack by Fandal! Yesterday, after several hours of dissasembling I broke protection of Sexquix game!
2006/03/11  New game Reversi by Thorn Emi added.
2006/03/10  New RMT song Chuck Rock added.
2006/03/09  New game Stroj casu added.
2006/03/08  New game Defend added.
2006/03/07  My Drive picture added.
2006/03/06  New intro Details Sucks added.
2006/03/05  Loadsa Colours Demo added.
2006/03/04  New game Let's Bubble! added. Really interesting digitized sounds!
2006/03/03  New game Jigsaw added. Contains 26 puzzles with level codes in just 3 kB. Unbelieveble!
2006/03/02  xxl released his second game of this year called Scorpions. It's very nice conversion of PC flash game but check out the title screen as well because it's one the best pictures I've seen on A8!
2006/03/01  New game Kooky's Quest added.
2006/02/28  New game Escape from Perilous added.
2006/02/27  New game Guardian Adventure added.
2006/02/26  New game Tight-Lines added.

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