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2012/09/09  Gonzo released brand-new demo Optical!
2012/09/08  Final version of brand-new demo Deary by SquoQuo added to the database.
2012/09/02  Ken H. Contact Demo added.
2012/09/01  New game Vabank added.
2012/08/26  New demo Lame Eruption added.
2012/08/25  New game Assassin's Cove added.
2012/08/20  WAP-NIAK 2012 Reminder added on party organizers request.
2012/08/19  New demo Autostrada do nieba added.
2012/08/18  New game Nim 2 added.
2012/08/12  New game Tixo added.
2012/08/11  New game The Hidden Treasure added.
2012/08/05  Music from Glucholazy 2k12 party: ATASCII, ATASCII II, Cosmic Voyage, Error in Line 10. Plus megademo Para-Bole.
2012/08/04  Pictures from Glucholazy 2k12 party: Bledny Ognik, Egg, Nawigator, Sprayman, Witraz.
2012/07/29  New game Lava Run added.
2012/07/28  New game Soko-Ban added. Nice find, eh?
2012/07/22  New game Piggy Bank added.
2012/07/21  Egy Lengyel srac a Magyar vonaton, the only Atari entry at Arok 2k12 party, added. It scored the first place, BTW. ;)
2012/07/15  Cart version of Seafox game added. It has a little bit different gameplay than disk version (you can shoot horizontal torpedos).
2012/07/14  New game Yankee na dvore krale Artuse added.
2012/07/08  Two disks Mr. Robot 3 and Mr. Robot i jego fabryka robotow with new level sets by Krzysztof Orlop added to the database.
2012/07/07  Brand-new game Gruczol Grubasa has been released!
2012/07/01  New game Tinka's Mazes added. Converted from VAPI images.
2012/06/30  New game Lightning Dash added.
2012/06/24  New intro GPS 90 added.
2012/06/23  Nosty and Caruso released brand-new game Line Runner!
2012/06/17  Around the Planet - Demo added.
2012/06/16  Another Phaeron's port from the Atari 2600: Seaquest!
2012/06/10  Phaeron ported to the Atari 8-bit classic VCS hit Midnight Magic!
2012/06/09  Unique network game Dual Duel added to the database. Technical details included.
2012/06/03  MyIDE Demo and MyIDE Demo Zwei added.
2012/06/02  Brand-new game Diabelska Pomylka added.
2012/05/28  Czech Atari musician Poison released his very first audio CD Epic Fail! All fifteen stereo tracks were composed in Datri's SDCMC.
2012/05/27  Great game Mighty Jill Off updated to RC6 version (author's request).
2012/05/26  Gonzo released brand-new game Luki Lak!
2012/05/20  New game Indiana Jones III (parts I, II).
2012/05/19  Cooler and faster than ever. It's Amaurote+.
2012/05/13  Uwe's Last Demo added.
2012/05/12  Games from Grzybsoniada 2k12 party: Blekitne Nimfy, Gowno spadajace w dol, Order It+, Realistic Internet Simulator, Snakes of Atari Island, Tedecujace starcie.
2012/05/06  Another never released game Rent Wars added.
2012/05/05  Never released game Psyclotron added to the database.
2012/04/29  AtariAge member tep392 released final version of his cool Arcade Pac-Man hack!
2012/04/28  Cosine released brand-new intro BrainPower!
2012/04/22  One port and two hacks from the newest issue of Flop magazine: Plan B, Gem M4, Killer 'Thello M4.
2012/04/21  Brand-new games from Flop magazine No. 55: Oilgame Deluxe, Rychle sipy - Zahada hlavolamu.
2012/04/15  New game Tank added.
2012/04/14  Never released game Repossed added to the database. More details about its history can be found on atarionline.pl.
2012/04/08  New game Light Cycles added.
2012/04/07  Inquisators Intro 5 added.
2012/04/01  Something for Robbo maniacs: Mini Robbo 2012 and Robbo dla orlat.
2012/03/31  Jan Johnsen released brand-new game Rocket Rescue!
2012/03/25  Pictures and songs from Forever XIII party: In the Night, Meet You at Arok, Nightfight, Thunder, Zeleny drak, I Love You, True Story, Maze Rush, Rasterizer.
2012/03/24  Demos and intros from Forever XIII party: Fred, Greetz0rz, Grids, Mindfuck, Unlimited Drunk Carpet.
2012/03/18  New games MJR Boulder Dash, MJR Boulder Dash 2 added.
2012/03/17  New game Flip' des Pirates added.
2012/03/11  New game Merlin 1 - Zkouska added.
2012/03/10  New game Exterminator added.
2012/03/04  Pretty impressive Prince of Persia Intro by Gonzo and Miker added to the database.
2012/03/03  Peter Dell released fixed versions of Visdom Demo and Visdom Demo Part II (originally a part of The Halle Project compilation). More details can be found on WUDSN homepage.
2012/02/26  New game The Midas Touch added.
2012/02/25  New intro Offending Jokes added.
2012/02/19  New intro 9 in 1 added.
2012/02/18  New game Castle Keeper added.
2012/02/12  New game Master Mind added.
2012/02/11  New intro Funky Stuff added.
2012/02/05  Brand-new game Dup-li-cut added.
2012/02/04  TGR Ad Demo added.
2012/01/29  New games Lyzards Land added.
2012/01/28  New games Robbo Vulture 1, Robbo Vulture 2 added.
2012/01/23  8-bit High Score Club on AtariAge has started new season! Have you played Atari today?
2012/01/22  New game Dragon Mix added.
2012/01/21  New game Solitaer added.
2012/01/15  New game Frantic Ball added.
2012/01/14  New game Jumbo added.
2012/01/08  WAP-NIAK Invitro added.
2012/01/07  Stuff from New Years Disc 2012: intros Endtro, Happy Bars, Intro 2012, New Year 2k12, New Year Intro 2k12, New Year's Bunny, Scrolling Street and game Hopp 2012.
2012/01/01  New game Slepice added.
2011/12/31  New game Tri-Strip added.
2011/12/25  I think it's a good time for some Christmas carols...
2011/12/24  Snoopy wishes you Merry Christmas!
2011/12/18  USR Demo 3 added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2011/12/17  New game Panic by Noahsoft added.
2011/12/11  New game Spell Me added.
2011/12/10  Three brand-new sets of BD custom levels: Boulderdash Mugen 1, 2, 3.
2011/12/04  Final version of C-Drug demo (the 1st place at Silly Venture 2k11 party) has been released!
2011/12/03  New game Robot 1 added.
2011/11/27  New game Rebound by Nick Pearce added.
2011/11/26  New game Mighty Multiplication 2 added.
2011/11/20  Silly Venture 2k11 stuff: graphics Arni, Babajaga, Gwiazdor, Killer 2, Kosmolek, Lost World, Mag, Nameless, Prey, Przyjaciel, Summoning, The Vision, Therion Slayer, music Dashed off, Extreme Night, Nic sie nie stalo!, Spark Absorber, Static Stasis, Tribute to..., Utwor z najwieksza iloscia punktow na jednostke czasu, Warpsztaty Monofoniczne Integracyjne, We Are Brothers in Atrs.
2011/11/19  Silly Venture 2k11 stuff: demos Beep'em All 3, Never Truly Gone, Too Silly, games: Fester's Quest, Frogs, Miecz przeznaczenia - Intro, Miecz przeznaczenia - Game, Parachute.
2011/11/13  New intro We Love Atari added.
2011/11/12  Silly Venture 2k11 Invitro added do the database.
2011/11/06  A.S.F. Music Demo added. Many thanks to Kaz for the dump!
2011/11/05  Three best games from ABBUC SW Compo 2011: Marbled, Mighty Jill Off, Roxblox. Good work, everyone!
2011/10/30  New game Tower of Flames added.
2011/10/29  New game The Escaper added.
2011/10/23  New game Utek z Alcatrazu (parts I and II) added.
2011/10/22  New game Picard added.
2011/10/16  Pretty impressive GTIA slideshow Top Cars by Gonzo added do the database.
2011/10/15  New game Tuk Goes to Town added.
2011/10/09  New games Sendydash Volume One, Sendydash Volume Two, Sendydash Volume Three added.

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