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2005/08/10  New game Go Cart added.
2005/08/09  Digitized sound Cup of Tea?! added.
2005/08/08  1kB intro Tunel added.
2005/08/07  After a little bit longer break TeBe has released new G2F picture Goofy.
2005/08/06  What? Another quality and very rare game found by Fandal? Oh, yes! And I hope all Atari 8-bit collectors will find Logicmaster interesting.
2005/08/05  New game Blind added.
2005/08/04  New game Sherlock Holmes added.
2005/08/03  The rest from QuaST 2005: pictures Fly Heart and One Eye plus game Mustak Hunters. Still waiting for Life 2 Back demo by Animkomials.
2005/08/02  The first part of stuff from QuaST 2005 party has arrived: demos Grzybson Intro 6, Lamerz Attack 2 and outstanding Maze, pictures: Heart, Rebirth, Sennosc and The Last Atarian.
2005/08/01  New game Zyclop - Giant Oak added.
2005/07/31  New game Word Maker added.
2005/07/30  NHL III Intro added.
2005/07/29  Introtune song added.
2005/07/28  New demo Kaos added.
2005/07/27  New game Pingwinek added.
2005/07/27  Beta 6 of great Atari800Win PLus emulator has been released.
2005/07/26  New game Snap added.
2005/07/25  New game Frontier Galaxy added.
2005/07/24  New stuff by Fandal! Bombex is a simple 1kB game written for MiniGame Compo 2005.
2005/07/23  Tekkno Experience Part 3 added.
2005/07/22  Tekkno Experience Part 2 added.
2005/07/21  Something for your ears: Tekkno Experience Part 1 = music with samples.
2005/07/20  And finally the end: The Duck Tales 3.
2005/07/19  The Duck Tales 2 uploaded.
2005/07/18  New saga by Datri begins with The Duck Tales 1.
2005/07/17  Do you want to see some vector gfx? Try demo Bird-Man.
2005/07/16  A bunch of ten very interesting 256b intros waits for your download: Faja, Hellfire, Intro, More Sprites Motion, Point 256b, Sierpinski 256b, Tiny 03, Water and Zoom.
2005/07/15  New game Tenis ATP added.
2005/07/14  New game 3D-Pac Plus added.
2005/07/13  New game Ruins added.
2005/07/12  New game Lawn Mower added.
2005/07/11  Animation MTV's Danielle added.
2005/07/10  New song Territorial Pissings added.
2005/07/09  Rick Last Demo added.
2005/07/08  New game Sileny zlodej added.
2005/07/07  New game Fire added.
2005/07/06  New game Around the World added.
2005/07/05  May be you've found out already that saving rare stuff from former Czechoslovakia (from damned Turbo 2000 tapes) is my mission number one. This time I have for you almost lost game known as IBM Tetris!
2005/07/04  New demo Gepard's Slideshow added.
2005/07/03  Czech text adventure game Lvi Srdce (part I, II and III) added.
2005/07/02  Sound'n'Sampler Demo added.
2005/07/01  New game Pingwinek idzie do szkoly added.
2005/06/30  New game Bombay 2 added. Classic title by ESC with new levels by Ivan Straka.
2005/06/29  Song Beams of Light added.
2005/06/28  New demo Last Words added.
2005/06/27  New game Escape from Earth added.
2005/06/26  New game Balloonacy added.
2005/06/25  Boulder Dash 8, interesting mutation of well-known classic game, added to the database.
2005/06/24  New demo Duke 3D added.
2005/06/23  ABBUC JHV 2002 demo added.
2005/06/22  New game Conquest of the Crown added.
2005/06/21  New game Slimaci added.
2005/06/20  New game Poker Solitaire added.
2005/06/19  Another weekend and another successful tape conversion by Fandal: longly awaited game Maszyna czasu flies to you, meine liebe Atarians!
2005/06/18  Interlaced picture Adara added.
2005/06/17  Around the Planet song added.
2005/06/16  New demo The Bard's Tale added.
2005/06/15  New game Pajaki II added. Requires light gun.
2005/06/14  Gardner Game added.
2005/06/13  New game Laser Cycle added.
2005/06/12  Wooha! Another perfect work by Fandal! After several hours of dissasembling I've found critical bug in initialization of great music demo Vaxeen! Finally there's really working version...
2005/06/11  Micro Demo V added.
2005/06/10  Eclipse song by Greg added.
2005/06/09  New game Hawk Fire added.
2005/06/08  New game Zahada napajedelskeho zamku added.
2005/06/07  A year ago, Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, mastermind of my favourite metal band Bathory has left this world. Now you can remind this great musician in my Tribute to Quorthon.
2005/06/06  New game Jump added.
2005/06/05  JHV 2k2 Demo added.
2005/06/04  Two songs Funny Step and Space Harrier from Mario Krix's "Hardsynth" series added.
2005/06/03  Robbo madness ends with Robbo VI.
2005/06/02  Robbo IV added.
2005/06/01  Robbo 6 added.
2005/05/31  New game Robbo 5 added.
2005/05/30  This week will be dedicated to all Robbo maniacs! The show starts with Robbo 3 cs.
2005/05/29  New demo Crack 3 added.
2005/05/28  New demo Krazy Scope added.
2005/05/27  Intro and outro disks of never released game Master of the Dungeons added.
2005/05/27  Beta 5 of excellent Atari800Win PLus emulator has been released.
2005/05/26  Kosci game added.
2005/05/25  New game Winged Samurai added.
2005/05/24  New game Sagi 1. added.
2005/05/23  Disks with new levels added to Bomber Jack, Laser Maze and Sogon games by KE-soft.
2005/05/22  Five 6-bit samples by Chris Martin added to demos section.
2005/05/21  New game Angel Azul added.
2005/05/20  New demo Joe Blade 3 added.
2005/05/19  Demo Inquieto added.
2005/05/17  New game Cholericka akce III added.
2005/05/17  Henryk Karpowicz released beta version of his new game Flood.
2005/05/16  New game LineKiler added.
2005/05/14  Song Alloyrun by Sack/Cosine added.
2005/05/13  New demo Rick 19 added.
2005/05/12  Fantasy picture by Dhor added.
2005/05/11  Repairing day: I've fixed serious bug in my game TriPeaksXE and John Foskett asked me to upload fixed version of his First Demo.
2005/05/10  New game Cervi 2 added. I've seen 16 Atarians playing this game (I was one of them) and it was really fun!
2005/05/09  I'm really glad not only lamersoft Fandal makes new games! I think you'll find Laser Blaster by MatoSimi very cool.
2005/05/08  Lamer Fandal (ask Mikey for more info) is back with some brand-new stuff! And thank to great effort by Emkay (G2F gfx) and Raster (RMT msx) I'm able to announce - not very proudly of course (ask Mikey for more info) - that my newest game Cubico has been finally released!
2005/05/07  Interlaced picture The Sun added.
2005/05/06  Music demo Athol added.
2005/05/05  New demos Digitized Speech #1 and Digitized Speech #2 added.
2005/05/04  Multiplayer game Geister-Schloss, designed for light gun, added.

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