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2008/03/29  New intro First Explosion (parts I and II) added.
2008/03/23  New games Boulder Dash 20 and Boulder Dash Hop III added to the database.
2008/03/22  New game Bobie added. Many thanks to Miker!
2008/03/17  The stuff from Forever 9: 1kB intros Fluid Chessboard, Twirlee, Outlaw, demos JzB, Recall by Resurrection, Unexpected, pictures Binary Celebration, I Might Have Become a Legend, Neptune's Daughter, Surfer's Dream, The Throne of Darkness, songs 30 Minutes of Tracking, Aoki, Astrosphere, High Tide, I Presume It's Funny, I'm Sure.
2008/03/16  New game Vioris added. Many thanks to Miker!
2008/03/15  New game Can't Quit added.
2008/03/09  New game Kolorest added. Courtesy by Miker. Thanks!
2008/03/08  New G2F pictures Banker, Chinese Dragon, Cyclop, Dragon vs Bear, Fighter Bomber (with nice music), Frog Warrior, Havran, Nightshade, Oil Imperium, Profesor, Profesor 2, Queen Bee, Samolot, Scrubby, The Fish, Vegetables added.
2008/03/03  Heaven & comp. finally finished a port of Metagalactic Llamas from VIC-20!
2008/03/02  New game Grom added. Many many thanks to Miker!!
2008/03/01  New game Pribeh ze tmy (part I, II, III) added.
2008/02/24  New intro End of Sanity added.
2008/02/23  New game Robbo Boss added. It was converted from Polish turbo tape in one weekend of really hard work. See my blog for more details if you're able to read Czech. :)
2008/02/17  Cool Twirl Effect by Eru Production Unlimited added.
2008/02/16  Anty Commodore Demo added.
2008/02/10  New game Space Bombs added.
2008/02/09  Ace Intro added to the database.
2008/02/07  Please note that traditional and popular ABBUC SW Compo and ABBUC HW Compo are held this year again! Take a part and keep Atari 8-bit alive!
2008/02/03  New game Tinory Quest added.
2008/02/02  xxl did it again!! This time he ported great game Knight Lore from BBC Micro.
2008/01/27  Monumental saga Vesmirna Odysea (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b) added.
2008/01/26  New game Quader-Mania added.
2008/01/20  Oczoplas Kaza by unknown Polish C-64 (!) freaks added.
2008/01/19  New game Smackjack added. Many thank to Bodo Jürss.
2008/01/13  Scorpio sent me some his very old stuff: Demo Collection II and RMF Radio intro. Thanx!
2008/01/12  Three new G2F pictures: really very nice Mickey Mouse by Gonzo (even with music!), Action Pinball and Donkey Kong Junior by Fly.
2008/01/06  Interesting music experiment Delta Remix by Analogue Multiplexer added. It uses "2-tone-filtering" technique invented by author. Real HW highly recommended!
2008/01/05  Extremly rare game Gauntletak added. It's longly missing full version of shareware game Gauntlet.
2008/01/01  New Years Disc 2008 has been released today!
2007/12/31  Brand-new intro Cracktro 1987 as well as older production by taos called Partyvolk added to the database.
2007/12/30  New game Reader Rabbit added. Converted from VAPI image.
2007/12/29  New game Ghost added. Compare with later Ghost II.
2007/12/24  Merry Christmas! from Heaven and emkay...
2007/12/23  New game Cavernrun added. Courtesy of Andreas Koch.
2007/12/22  New game Peggammon added.
2007/12/16  Boulder Dash Hop 3, 4, 5 added to the database.
2007/12/15  New intro Contra added.
2007/12/09  New game The Labyrinth of Crete added.
2007/12/08  New game Kiduv poklad added.
2007/12/05  There is new fixed version of Jet Set Willy 2007 available.
2007/12/03  Another direct port from ZX Spectrum by xxl! This time amazing Jet Set Willy 2007.
2007/12/02  The last production of former Slovak group PSHC on 8-bit Atari: Bye Bye and Good Bye intros.
2007/12/01  G2F massacre by Fly: Demonic Laughter, Dinamic, Mega Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Splinter.
2007/11/25  The Unfinished Barbarian added to the database. Another very promissing but never finished game...
2007/11/24  New game Copter Cave added.
2007/11/18  New game Danger Crosswalk added.
2007/11/17  Music collection Sound Master added.
2007/11/12  Mario Caillahuz aka Allas released to the public his great game Mule Wars which scored the 3rd place at ABBUC SW Compo 2007.
2007/11/11  New game Tiny Mite added.
2007/11/10  New game Danny's Mirror Magic added.
2007/11/04  New game Die Ausserirdischen - Die Zeitmaschine III added. Courtesy of Andreas Koch.
2007/11/03  Five pictures by Vidol added to the database: Dragons, Kula, Smierc, Troll, Warrior.
2007/10/30  Raster released to the public his latest game Speed Up!! Gold Edition.
2007/10/29  First three public available games from ABBUC SW Compo 2007: Yoomp!, Eckn and Crownland.
2007/10/28  New game The Bewitch Castle added.
2007/10/27  New game Exploding Boulderdash added.
2007/10/22  TeBe, Vidol and stRing released hacked version of classic gaming hit Mario Bros. (original version by Atari 1983) called Mario Bros. 2007!
2007/10/21  New game House of Devil (parts I, II, III, IV) added.
2007/10/20  New intro Exotic added.
2007/10/14  Two G2F pictures Beach and Spellbound added to the database.
2007/10/13  New game Crazy Ed added. Many thanx to Miker!
2007/10/07  New game Patrol added.
2007/10/06  New game Hoehlen-Herbert added.
2007/10/01  Direct port from ZX Spectrum? Yes! Our Polish comrades xxl, Kaz and Miker ported to A8 platform classic game Jetpac and greatly improved version called Jetboy is finally out!
2007/09/30  New intro Thunder added.
2007/09/29  File version of XEGS cart Desert Falcon successfully finished. Enjoy!
2007/09/23  New game JunkYard Racing added.
2007/09/22  The Another Falcon Demo added.
2007/09/16  New game Inzerat added.
2007/09/15  New game Mike's Slot-Machine added.
2007/09/09  G2F invasion! Cabal, Pirates of the Carribean and Simpsons - The Arcade Game series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
2007/09/08  New game Coloid added.
2007/09/02  New intro Musicboom added.
2007/09/01  New game Helliman added.
2007/08/27  All four entries which took place at 24h compo "Spritemania" organized this weekend by atariarea.pl: BangPong, Komary, Sprites and Starsplexer.
2007/08/26  New game Bug Runner added.
2007/08/25  The dream became a reality. File version of smashing hit Commado finally has been born! Plus something more this time...
2007/08/19  Did you know that cool Street Fighter II demo has two parts? The second main part is commonly known but not many Atarians have ever seen the first part. So far...
2007/08/18  Another file version of 128kB XEGS cart! Here comes Crossbow, arguably the best game for light gun.
2007/08/12  New game Total Maniac added.
2007/08/11  Time for some fixies by Fandal: hopefully final version of Sniper game plus Skinhead - Part III as really working standalone binary.
2007/08/05  New game Wandering added.
2007/08/04  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k7 party: pictures Gout, Lost and Robots, song Last Minute and Unplugged Demo.
2007/07/29  Lady Demo added.
2007/07/28  Oh yes, mission is possible! File version of 128 kB cart Crime Buster is ready for download. Enjoy!
2007/07/22  New game Blastermind added. Courtesy of Andreas Koch.
2007/07/21  Another never released Polish stuff saved by atari.online.pl! This time very interesting Do akcji game.
2007/07/15  New intro The Hope added.
2007/07/14  New game The Adventurer added.
2007/07/13  Brand-new game Belljumper added. Written for MiniGame Compo 2007.
2007/07/08  Almost dead project Gangsters finally finished! Many thanx to Fandal and Raster! Hahaha.
2007/07/07  New game Pomsta Sinclairistum added.
2007/07/01  Adam Gilmore Demo added.
2007/06/30  New game Great War - 1914 added.
2007/06/24  Computer Demo 5 added.
2007/06/23  Education program Orbis Pictus - Nemcina added. Many thanx to Tomsoft for the tape! Millipede game replaced with a new version converted from 1984 cartridge release.
2007/06/17  New game Problem Jasia II added. Many thanx to Miker for archieving this interesting hack! Also added some missing Polish games: Fred, Mission Shark, Klatwa and Problem Jasia.
2007/06/16  6502 Demo (parts I and II) added.
2007/06/10  New game Paper Chase added.
2007/06/09  Missing Digital Concert I added to the database. Many thanx to Miker!

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