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2009/10/24  New game EORoid added.
2009/10/19  Philsan released improved version 1.4 of his educational game Cookie Monster.
2009/10/18  New game Hong Kong added.
2009/10/17  New game Plantation added.
2009/10/11  New music demonstration Sound in Stereo added. It combines Pokey and GTIA sound to generate "stereo" music. Many thanks to Thorsten Guenther for the dump!
2009/10/10  New educational program Audiovizualni kurs anglictiny 3 added. The series is complete now! Many thanks to Vladimir Matl of CALP for providing me original T2000 tape.
2009/10/04  New game Puzmania added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/10/03  New intro Star Net BBS added. Many thanks to Atari8Man for the dump!
2009/09/27  New Breed Software released brand-new game for our youngest called Go Go Garbage Truck.
2009/09/26  xxl, Irgendwer and Miker released A8 port of Nightshade from BBC Micro.
2009/09/20  Interesting educational programs Audiovizualni kurs anglictiny and Audiovizualni kurs anglictiny 2 added.
2009/09/19  New games Micro-Dash, Micro-Dash II, Micro-Dash IIA added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for dumps!
2009/09/13  Sound collection The Enhanced Music Box II added.
2009/09/12  New game Tetricize added.
2009/09/06  Private Detective saga (parts 1, 2, 3a, 3b) added.
2009/09/05  Another brand-new game! xxl, Kaz and XLent released Loops DX, improved version of Loops of Zen.
2009/08/30  Tezz and TeBe released Boulderdash II 25th Anniversary!
2009/08/29  xxl ported to A8 classic title Galaxian from Apple ][!
2009/08/23  New game Doc Wire's Solitaire Solution added.
2009/08/22  GR8 Softare released brand-new game Robbo Forever!
2009/08/16  New game Labirynt added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/08/15  Swinging Jiving Astro Demo added.
2009/08/09  Thelen released brand-new game Yar's Strike!
2009/08/08  Rybags released a revamp of the classic title Stellar Shuttle called Stellar Shuttle 480i. It's a demonstration of the newly found interlace ability of Atari 8-bit computers. Real HW stronly recommended!
2009/08/03  MatoSimi released brand-new 1kB game h3x0r!
2009/08/02  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k9 party: intros ASCII Girl, Scorpio Came Back, pictures Falcon, Highlander, Last Wish, songs Blue Twilight, Level One, Third Way.
2009/08/01  Brand-new production MJ-R.I.P. is a small tribute to Michael Jackson who passed away a month ago.
2009/07/26  New game Mario Land added.
2009/07/25  New intro Ballstix added.
2009/07/19  New game Space City added.
2009/07/18  New game Tink's Adventure added. It was converted from original VAPI image with really very good protection. Check my blog for more details...
2009/07/12  New game Robbo After 20 Years added.
2009/07/11  Syf Intro added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/07/05  New game Barn Storm added.
2009/07/04  New game Antiseno 2008 added.
2009/06/28  New games Stickybear ABC, Stickybear Bop and Stickybear Opposites added.
2009/06/27  New game Geografia Polski added.
2009/06/21  New game The Road Machine added.
2009/06/20  Brand-new production Music Disk Stereo Edition added.
2009/06/14  New game Recount added.
2009/06/13  Stefek Intro and Stefek Intro 2 added.
2009/06/07  xxl and comp. released brand-new game Isora!
2009/06/06  New game Spill added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2009/06/02  Another brand-new game Sssnake It! added.
2009/06/01  Brand-new game Pac-Txt added.
2009/05/31  New game Mines added to the database.
2009/05/30  Two brand-new music collections Pokey Demo and Beep'em All II added.
2009/05/24  New game Labyrinthe added.
2009/05/23  New intro The Visitors added.
2009/05/17  New game Ninzova pomsta (parts I, II) added.
2009/05/16  New game Deduct added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2009/05/10  New game Mr. Robot Plus added to the database.
2009/05/09  Belmondo Demo added. Many thanks to Miker!
2009/05/03  New game Dzungla added.
2009/05/02  New game Puzzler added.
2009/04/26  New game Detective added.
2009/04/25  New game Breakout-Duell added.
2009/04/19  New game Holgi's Backgammon added.
2009/04/18  New intro Getting Better added.
2009/04/12  New game M-ss-ng L-nks added. Converted from VAPI image.
2009/04/11  New game Space Ball added.
2009/04/05  Song Manager added. Cool digitized music!
2009/04/04  Gaming stuff from new issue of Flop magazine: Deflektor II, Indiana Jones 4, Killa Cycle M4, Proto Basketball M4+, Space Arena, Vietnamska mise.
2009/03/29  Jurassic Part II Demoversion and Skinhead Demo added.
2009/03/28  New game Cities UK added.
2009/03/22  Monochromatic Demo added. Many thanx to Miker!
2009/03/21  New game Hrad added.
2009/03/16  Stuff from FOReVER|neXt: pictures 1930, Corelation, elFi, Ghoul, Superbabe, Temple, songs Amelie, M.A.B., Wyjasnijmy to sobie, 1kB intros Balls Forever, Shademorph, demos Ilusia, Just for Fun, Summertime.
2009/03/15  Eva Intro added.
2009/03/14  New game Patience by Kemal Ezcan added. And I love solitaire card games!
2009/03/09  Songs from music compo organized by atarionline.pl: 4Tk35, Cosmic Escape, Cured by Accident, Duper-Super, Here Comes the Night, Instrumentarium, Kissparty, Lost and Found, Naue, Podnieta, Sunset on the Moon, The Last Song.
2009/03/08  New games Super Ball 3 and Super Ball 4 added.
2009/03/07  New game Mr. Blue's Memory added.
2009/03/01  Demo 6 added.
2009/02/28  New game Woorly the Worm added.
2009/02/22  Detail's Second Demo added.
2009/02/21  New game Indiana Jones a chram zkazy added.
2009/02/15  New game Rocket Man added.
2009/02/14  Help Globus Demo added. Many thanks to Miker!
2009/02/08  New game Atari Telly Turtle added. Converted from VAPI image.
2009/02/07  New game Beton Panik added.
2009/02/01  New game Jackpot added.
2009/01/31  New game Jack the Digger added.
2009/01/25  New game Saper added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/01/24  G2F is back: Barbarian, Baron, Caesar, Camelot, Chelolin, Dragon's Nest, Fire And Brimstone, Prince of Persia I, Prince of Persia II, Prince of Persia III, Prince of Persia IV, Recall by Resurrection Credits, SimCity, Space Chicks, Spellbinder, Xenon, Zalaga.
2009/01/19  The only entry from 24h PMG compo organized by atariarea.pl called PM-09 added.
2009/01/18  New game Lankhmar added. Many thanks to Charlie Chaplin for the dump!
2009/01/17  New game Imperator added.
2009/01/11  New intro Ricola added.
2009/01/10  Four games by Cymbal Software added to the database: Convention, Galactic Defender, Ice, Metrodome. Many thanks for help to Miker!
2009/01/04  Brand-new game Click! added.
2009/01/03  Cool collection New Years Disk 2009 added.
2008/12/31  xxl released fixed version of his game Loops of Zen.
2008/12/29  Bump is another brand-new game written for a contest organized by atarionline.pl.
2008/12/28  Monochrome Demo added.
2008/12/27  Another brand-new production from Poland called Byx-Man added.
2008/12/22  Scalak and Kaz released brand-new game Dratewka the Shoemaker!
2008/12/21  New game Weihnachtsspiel added. Merry Christmas!
2008/12/20  New game Eckn+ added.
2008/12/15  xxl and comp. released final version of Night Driver conversion!

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