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2005/05/11  Repairing day: I've fixed serious bug in my game TriPeaksXE and John Foskett asked me to upload fixed version of his First Demo.
2005/05/10  New game Cervi 2 added. I've seen 16 Atarians playing this game (I was one of them) and it was really fun!
2005/05/09  I'm really glad not only lamersoft Fandal makes new games! I think you'll find Laser Blaster by MatoSimi very cool.
2005/05/08  Lamer Fandal (ask Mikey for more info) is back with some brand-new stuff! And thank to great effort by Emkay (G2F gfx) and Raster (RMT msx) I'm able to announce - not very proudly of course (ask Mikey for more info) - that my newest game Cubico has been finally released!
2005/05/07  Interlaced picture The Sun added.
2005/05/06  Music demo Athol added.
2005/05/05  New demos Digitized Speech #1 and Digitized Speech #2 added.
2005/05/04  Multiplayer game Geister-Schloss, designed for light gun, added.
2005/05/03  New game Mayska dlazba added.
2005/05/02  Adventure game Quest added.
2005/05/01  New demo Acid song added.
2005/04/30  Dancing song added.
2005/04/29  New game The Caves of Ctulhi added.
2005/04/28  New Czech text adventure game Arabela II (Part I and Part II) added.
2005/04/27  New full-disk game Kolo fortuny added.
2005/04/26  Very nice G2F picture Flintstones added.
2005/04/25  New demo I Love Chaos added.
2005/04/24  Clock animation added.
2005/04/23  Force Demo added.
2005/04/22  New game Dirty Money added.
2005/04/21  New game Odwracanka by ArSoft added.
2005/04/20  New funny demo Killers added.
2005/04/19  G2F picture Inside by Emkay added. It scored the 2nd place at the 5th 24h compo organized by atari.area.
2005/04/18  Crue Demo added.
2005/04/17  New game Darg II added.
2005/04/16  New game Pomsta sileneho skolaka added.
2005/04/15  Head Demo added.
2005/04/14  Trantor Demo added.
2005/04/13  Excellent Fatal Game added. Thanx to Stryker for CAS image and Homesoft for file version.
2005/04/12  New game Avex added. Does anybody knows real names of the authors?
2005/04/11  Music demo Melodia added.
2005/04/10  New demo Atari Graphics Demonstrations added. As I remember, this is the first demo I saw on Atari computers late in the 80th.
2005/04/09  G2F picture Pang added.
2005/04/08  Text adventure game Zizkovska galerka added.
2005/04/07  New game Detonator added.
2005/04/06  Nascar video added.
2005/04/05  Allstars demo added.
2005/04/04  New demo Magazin Intro added.
2005/04/03  Gnom Factory by Kemal Ezcan added.
2005/04/02  New game Akcie a tovarny added.
2005/04/01  Info Demo added.
2005/03/31  Cool animation Metamorphosis added.
2005/03/30  Lemmblaster demo by unfortunately dead group Czech added.
2005/03/29  New game Batman added. Does anybody know what to do in this game?
2005/03/28  Numerki game added.
2005/03/27  New demo Animals Group Intro added.
2005/03/26  Very nice Render video in HIP format added.
2005/03/25  Fire demo by Datri added.
2005/03/24  Text adventure game Chram boha slunce added.
2005/03/23  New game Magnetix added.
2005/03/22  The rest of stuff from Forever Hex: demos PolyMatrix, Rulu 5 and Sroll-Demo plus 1kB intros Fafik and Fireworx.
2005/03/21  Here comes the first part of stuff from Forever Hex party: pictures Forever 3000, MoonPatrol and The Cube plus It Doesn't Matter music.
2005/03/20  Very rare and very interesting Czech action game Inferno added.
2005/03/20  I can't believe my eyes but it seems my 1kB intro The Storm scored the 2nd place at Forever Hex!
2005/03/19  New game Paragon 1.0 added.
2005/03/18  Czech text adventure game James Bond 2 added.
2005/03/17  The world of 8-bit Atari is still full of surprises: thanx to Andreas Magenheimer I realized yesterday that Vigilant is not a demo, as I thought for years, but a game! The key is to press START in the title screen.
2005/03/16  New demo BMW 6 added.
2005/03/15  Atascii Movie Showwer added. Chars can be funny!
2005/03/14  Really cool video XFiles Intro by Madteam added.
2005/03/13  New game Fotbalovy trener 3 added.
2005/03/12  Brand-new game Strayball II added.
2005/03/11  TeBe + his amazing G2F tool = Batman picture.
2005/03/10  HiRes G2F picture Stryker by Dracon added.
2005/03/10  New version of the best A8 emulator Atari 800Win PLus has been released!
2005/03/09  Stack Up G2F picture added. TeBe really is not wasting the time!
2005/03/08  Great game Special Forces with light gun support added.
2005/03/07  Tryby demo added.
2005/03/06  Krzysztof Gora aka Vega has released beta version 1.2 of his great Yie Ar Kung Fu game!
2005/03/05  New demo Comet added.
2005/03/04  Czech text adveture Samuraj added.
2005/03/03  New game Rychle sipy by Datri added.
2005/03/02  New game Break-Out added.
2005/03/01  Another video by Madteam called Road added.
2005/02/28  New demo Killer Whales added.
2005/02/27  New G2F picture Imaginations added. Beef Drop game updated to the latest preview version.
2005/02/26  New game Koffi: Yellow Kopter by Ron Lloyd added. Originally written for Atari 5200.
2005/02/25  Zlodej 3, the last part of Vrazda/Zlodej saga, released.
2005/02/24  New game Zlodej 2 added.
2005/02/23  Vrazda saga by Datri continues with Zlodej 1.
2005/02/22  New game Fruit Salad added.
2005/02/21  New demo Evil Pac-Man from Unconventional 2001 added.
2005/02/20  Disco Zax music added.
2005/02/19  Very nice Apache AH64 picture added. Twenty seven colours in action.
2005/02/18  New game The Alphabet Factory added.
2005/02/17  Do you remember what NHL formerly was about? A long time ago it was about hockey, not about bullshits...
2005/02/16  Atari 800XL, the last of Karsten Schmidt's big demos with fullscreen rotating objects, added.
2005/02/15  The-Star Wars Demo added.
2005/02/14  Condensation game added.
2005/02/13  New game Pirate Pond added.
2005/02/12  Brullwurfel demo added.
2005/02/10  New demo High Resolution Power Pack Demo added.
2005/02/09  Paul Lee has released Missile Command+, a hack of well-know game by Atari. Main changes are following: three bases, self play demo and new intro.
2005/02/08  The Trabant Demo added.
2005/02/07  Intro Techtips (part I and II) added.
2005/02/05  The end of mystery murder comes in Vrazda 4.
2005/02/04  The story still is not finished... Vrazda 3 added.
2005/02/03  The saga continues: Vrazda 2 added.
2005/02/02  New game Vrazda added.
2005/02/01  Two really very nice interlaced pictures Jannie and Naomine added.

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