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2006/02/19  New game Space Station added.
2006/02/18  New game Road Toad added.
2006/02/17  New game Patent Pole Position added.
2006/02/16  New game Interstar added.
2006/02/15  New game Eagle's Castle added.
2006/02/14  Today I have for you something really really special: Music Bag III demo. This stuff is the rarest I've ever met in my life as only one copy existed in this universe!!! Many thanx to author for sending me original diskette!
2006/02/13  Brand-new cool game Getris released! Bravo, bravo!!!
2006/02/12  New game Gielda added.
2006/02/11  New game Owari added.
2006/02/10  New game Nightmare Maze added.
2006/02/09  Music from Zeus Intro added.
2006/02/08  New game Fuzzy added.
2006/02/07  Czech text adventure game Alone in the Dark (parts I and II) added.
2006/02/06  New game Crazy Cobra added.
2006/02/05  New game Ithix added.
2006/02/04  Overlords Intro added.
2006/02/03  New RMT song Einsteinium-01 added. Really cool conversion!
2006/02/02  New game Slammer added.
2006/02/01  Missing Demo and Intro parts of Klaustrofobia game added. Many thanks to Fly for digging them out!
2006/01/31  New game Stroq added. It scored the fifth place at ABBUC Software Contest 2005.
2006/01/30  Brand-new stuff from Poland: xxl ported to 8-bit Atari popular game Sudoku.
2006/01/29  New G2F pictures Game Complete, Hugo 1, Hugo 3, Red Led and Silvester.
2006/01/28  New G2F pictures Elian, Ghosttown, Last Ninja, Soldier of Light and TKO.
2006/01/27  New G2F pictures Death, Death 2, Happiest Days of Your Life, IK+ and Turbo the Tortoise.
2006/01/26  New G2F pictures Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Dragon's Lair, Star Wars 2, Tok Tok and Zoolook.
2006/01/25  TeBe released new version of his popular G2F tool as well as a lot of new great pictures. The first batch contains Cataball, Flyingshark, Parallax, Taboo and Tom & Jerry.
2006/01/24  Bandit Boulderdash 51 added.
2006/01/23  Bandit Boulderdash 50 added.
2006/01/22  Bandit Boulderdash 49 added.
2006/01/21  Bandit Boulderdash 48 added.
2006/01/20  Bandit Boulderdash 47 added.
2006/01/19  Bandit Boulderdash 46 added.
2006/01/18  Bandit Boulderdash 45 added.
2006/01/17  Bandit Boulderdash 44 added. Very funny!
2006/01/16  Bandit Boulderdash 43 added.
2006/01/15  Bandit Boulderdash 42 added.
2006/01/14  Bandit Boulderdash 41 added.
2006/01/13  Bandit Boulderdash 40 added.
2006/01/12  Bandit Boulderdash 39 added.
2006/01/11  Bandit Boulderdash 38 added.
2006/01/10  Bandit Boulderdash 37 added.
2006/01/09  Bandit Boulderdash 36 added.
2006/01/08  Bandit Boulderdash 35 added.
2006/01/07  Bandit Boulderdash 34 added.
2006/01/06  Do you like Boulderdash? I hope so because next three weeks will be dedicated to this great game. What else to say? Nothing. Bandit Boulderdash 33 is coming...
2006/01/05  New game Blitz added.
2006/01/04  Czech text adventure game Den zuctovani (parts I and II) added.
2006/01/03  Henryk Karpowicz released full version of his game Flood!
2006/01/02  Brand-new stuff from UK!! Cosine group released cool game Reaxion!
2006/01/01  New game Gunfight by H. C. Wagner added.
2005/12/31  Thanks to Miker we can admire another great game from Poland called Lancelot - The Hunt of Holy Gral!
2005/12/30  New game Leaping Larry added.
2005/12/29  PMG-Demo added.
2005/12/28  New game Hoehlen Gnom added.
2005/12/27  New game Vegas Poker added.
2005/12/26  New game Skate Crazy added.
2005/12/25  Card game Twenty One added.
2005/12/24  Merry Christmas! I know it's very very old and well-known intro but I'm really glad I finally found this version which works fine on my real PAL Atari...
2005/12/23  Christmas time is here again as well as some new production by our Polish friends called X-Mass Intro.
2005/12/22  New game Jeopardy added.
2005/12/21  New game Ostrov piratu added.
2005/12/20  Two G2F pictures Friendship and Max Headroom added.
2005/12/19  Asteroid Battle pinball added.
2005/12/18  Pacemaker pinball added.
2005/12/17  Bibber pinball added.
2005/12/16  Ed-Ball pinball added.
2005/12/15  The Apple Tree pinball added.
2005/12/14  Mongo pinball added.
2005/12/13  Pussy Galore pinball added.
2005/12/12  Friday Slalom pinball added.
2005/12/11  Zing pinball added.
2005/12/10  Reefer Madness pinball added.
2005/12/09  OK. Prepare yourself for pinball massacre! Ace of Clubs is just the beginning...
2005/12/08  New game Rambo 1 added.
2005/12/07  New game Cecil added.
2005/12/06  60 Sprites demo added.
2005/12/05  New game Sabotage added.
2005/12/04  New game Messe Hanau added. Requires light gun.
2005/12/03  New game Looney Tunes Hotel added.
2005/12/02  New game Frisky Tom added.
2005/12/01  New game Sport Goofy added.
2005/11/30  There's a new batch of Homesoft's conversions from 5200 system. The show starts with Battlezone.
2005/11/29  New game Smok added.
2005/11/28  New game Super Miner added.
2005/11/27  Three interlaced pictures Pet 1/1, Pet 1/2 and Pet 1/3 added.
2005/11/26  Do you like Invaders, one of the most classic games? What about this version by 2 Bit Software?
2005/11/25  New game Runner added.
2005/11/24  New game Satalite added. Shoot 'em all!
2005/11/23  New G2F picture Bruczrro added.
2005/11/22  New game Fence Builder added.
2005/11/21  New game Diamond Mine by Sydney Brown added.
2005/11/20  a8.fandal.cz celebrates the first anniversary of its existence today but - to be honest - unfortunately I don't feel too much joy.
Why? Only five Atarians (thank you!!!) sent me some new stuff during last year and I have got just a few feedbacks so far. And believe me, it's not very funny to devote my entire energies to this site if I'm not sure that anybody cares.
But, to be more optimistic, 8-bit Atari still lives, at least in my heart...
2005/11/19  TGR Demo added.
2005/11/18  New game Orson added.
2005/11/17  New game Barge added.
2005/11/16  Czech text adventure game Dobrodruzstvi maleho caparta II (parts I and II) added.
2005/11/15  New game Microgammon SB added.
2005/11/14  New game AE 5200 added.
2005/11/13  Series of conversions from 5200 system by Homesoft continue with Miniature Golf.
2005/11/12  New game Joe's Adventure added. It scored the fourth place at ABBUC Software Contest 2005. Congratulations!

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