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2011/09/04  New game Pohadkovy pribeh added.
2011/09/03  New game Pogotron added. It's nice hack of Paul Lay's Sprong with new levels.
2011/08/28  USR Demo 1 added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2011/08/27  New game S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E. added. Many thanks to ACML for the dump!
2011/08/21  New game Monkey See, Monkey Spell added.
2011/08/20  New game Rose Gardens added. Please note that you can ask author for a personalised version of this text adventure - just check his website.
2011/08/14  New game BSM Boulder Dash added.
2011/08/13  New game Jaw Breaker II added. It seems that I missed this one in my database somehow...
2011/08/07  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k11 party: Before the Storm, Bolek i Lolek oraz..., Drzewko, Flower Power, GTIA Bay, Krecik i..., Mod My Atari, Nietoperek, Space Crusade, Sparrow, Stary Cmetarz, W brzasku slonca, Zaczarowany olowek i....
2011/08/06  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k11 party: Antic-Demo, Birthday Intro, Framed Again?, Wormtro, Pung, Solid.
2011/07/31  New game Stickybear Shapes added. Many thanks to bob1200xl for the dump!
2011/07/30  Brand-new game 64 figury has been released!
2011/07/24  New game The Finder added.
2011/07/23  Skull sample added to the database.
2011/07/17  New game Tomcat added.
2011/07/16  New game Das U-Boot added.
2011/07/10  Logon Intro added.
2011/07/09  Latest public demo of Tempest Xtreem added to the database. Full version is available at Kjmann's Atari Sales and Services.
2011/07/03  New game D.O.D.O. added.
2011/07/02  Full version of Thinx game added.
2011/06/26  New game Reversal added.
2011/06/25  Thunderdome Demo III added.
2011/06/19  New game Slime Blasters added.
2011/06/18  New game Squash added. More info needed about this small ancient piece of A8 history!
2011/06/12  Euro Demo added.
2011/06/11  Full and fully working dump of Warlok game added.
2011/06/05  Grzybsoniada 2k11 wild compo entries: Blondie, River Raid 2k11, Subaru.
2011/06/04  Grzybsoniada 2k11 game compo entries: Blah Blah, Narciarzyki, Octopus, Patrol in the Space, Quad, Tajemniczy Zamek 2.
2011/05/29  Old dump of The System game replaced by 1.8 version.
2011/05/28  New game Anduril II added.
2011/05/22  IACT No. 1 Demo added.
2011/05/21  4Pac Intro added. Unfortunately, game itself was never finished...
2011/05/15  New game Sydova akce added.
2011/05/14  Final version of brand-new game Dino has been released!
2011/05/08  Full version of Bomb Down game added to the database.
2011/05/07  What You Can Do With Your Magazine Demo added.
2011/05/01  Jason Kendall released version 1.2 of his game Gwobby Strikes Back!
2011/04/30  Brand-new game Small Reversi has been released!
2011/04/24  Fixed version of Fruitmania added to the database. Many thanks to author for the dump!
2011/04/23  Brand-new game Cropky has been released!
2011/04/17  New games Boulderdash +1, Boulderdash +2, Boulderdash +3, Boulderdash +4 added. Many many thanks to Homesoft for help!
2011/04/16  U2 Digi-Demo added.
2011/04/10  My hacks from Flop magazine No. 54: Mouse Party M4, Tank Battle M4, The Dreadnaught Factor II. Plus special bonus: secret cheats for Robix!
2011/04/09  Brand-new games from Flop magazine No. 54: Fruit Poker, Logik, Mashed Turtles, Poker 7, Sir Ed (parts I and II).
2011/04/03  DCK Demo added.
2011/04/02  New game Escape from Delta-V added.
2011/03/27  Music and graphics from Forever C party: Fasc in A(c)tion, Meaningless Manhole, Amentia, Drak, Kvik!, Lupine Archer, Marge, Survivors, The Dirty Trio, Wolves.
2011/03/26  Intros and demos from Forever C party: CI26, Toothed, Twistever, Citoplazma, Just for Dance.
2011/03/20  New game Break Out by added.
2011/03/19  New game Moon Shuttle by Gary Ryan added.
2011/03/13  The Puzintro added to the database.
2011/03/12  New intro Sanxion Music added.
2011/03/06  Music collection Narrate It added to the database.
2011/03/05  New game MonkeyNews added. Converted from VAPI image.
2011/02/27  New game Push added.
2011/02/26  New demo Frankenstein (parts I and II) added.
2011/02/20  New demo Ghonies added.
2011/02/19  New game Spy's War (parts I and II) added.
2011/02/13  New game Robot T-58 added.
2011/02/12  New demo AHM added. Many thanks to author for providing me original T2000 tape!
2011/02/06  New game Buzzword added.
2011/02/05  New game Word Flyer added. My craziest crack ever!
2011/01/30  New intro Dingo added.
2011/01/29  Brand-new game CTetris4 added.
2011/01/23  New demo Ray-Tracing Animation added.
2011/01/22  New games Gwobby's Adventure and Gwobby Strikes Back! added.
2011/01/16  New intro 5 Digit Pictures added.
2011/01/15  Two brand-new games Mission ArSoft and Music Memory written for a compo organized by atarionline.pl added.
2011/01/15  Popular High Score Club has started Season 8! Come and play your favourite Atari 8-bit games!
2011/01/09  New game Adventure (parts I and II) added.
2011/01/08  Final version of game Go Elwood Go! has been released!
2011/01/03  Stuff from New Year's Disc 2011 added to the database: intros Atallax, Badekapp Miel 3, Happy 2011, Intro 2011, Jacfield, Kleeblatt, Schneemann and very nice game Spectipede.
2011/01/02  Final version of Control demo has been released! It scored the 2nd place at Silly Venture 2k10 party.
2011/01/01  New game Bogen added. Happy New Year!!
2010/12/25  Christmas Collection added do the database.
2010/12/24  New intro Hosers added. Merry Christmas!!
2010/12/19  New game Guntris added.
2010/12/18  Stuff from Silly Venture 2k10 party: intros/demos Inverse, No Signal, .plot, Silly Things, Tricks, Wieczor Koled, pictures Aldebaran, Dice of Fate, Vampire, Whale Paradise, Zamek, songs Barsa, Spejs Invejder Too.
2010/12/12  New games Word Invasion and Word Master added. Converted from VAPI images.
2010/12/11  New game Tetris (R.S.) added. Does anybody know full name of author?
2010/12/05  New game Lunar Lander by Gary Ryan added.
2010/12/04  New intro Otyli Zyja Krocej added. Many thanks to Kaz for the dump!
2010/11/28  New game Prvni akce (parts I, II, III, IV) added.
2010/11/27  Music collection Italo Top Hits added.
2010/11/21  Brand-new games Robbo Lutry IV and Robbo Lutry V added to the database.
2010/11/20  Brand-new game Chopin 2010 has been released!
2010/11/14  PP's released NYD 2011 Invitro to announce next edition of New Year's Disc. If you want to participate, please check official thread on AtariAge.
2010/11/13  Brand-new game Dr. Mario has been released!
2010/11/07  New game Slurp added.
2010/11/06  New game Donny 2 added. It scored the 6th place at ABBUC SW Compo 2010 and it is freeware now.
2010/10/31  New game The Magical Rolling Stones added.
2010/10/30  New intro The Juke Box added.
2010/10/25  Games from ABBUC SW Compo 2010: h3x0r Deluxe (3rd place), Jewel Bits (2nd place), Milk Nuts (7th place), Ocean Detox (1st place), Robix (4th place). Many thanks to authors for permission to publish their games on my site!
2010/10/24  New game Where Dinosaurs Rule added.
2010/10/23  New game The Moving Cubes added.
2010/10/17  New intro Vidol added.
2010/10/16  File version of unique network game MidiMaze added.
2010/10/11  Silly Venture 2k10 Invitation has been released!
2010/10/10  Arno Boulderdash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 added to the database.
2010/10/09  Enter-D Demo added. Many thanks to myself for reconstructing corrupted ARC file provided by Atari Frog of Atarimania.

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