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2011/10/15  New game Tuk Goes to Town added.
2011/10/09  New games Sendydash Volume One, Sendydash Volume Two, Sendydash Volume Three added.
2011/10/08  Digisound-Demo added. Please note that it doesn't work properly with Atari800Win PLus emulator.
2011/10/02  New game Stoneguard added.
2011/10/01  New game Snake added.
2011/09/25  New game Teasers by Tobbs added.
2011/09/24  New game Mine Sweeper III added.
2011/09/18  Music collection Elan Mix added.
2011/09/17  New intro Press Start added to the database.
2011/09/11  New game Snap II added.
2011/09/10  New game Robbo 2001 added.
2011/09/04  New game Pohadkovy pribeh added.
2011/09/03  New game Pogotron added. It's nice hack of Paul Lay's Sprong with new levels.
2011/08/28  USR Demo 1 added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2011/08/27  New game S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E. added. Many thanks to ACML for the dump!
2011/08/21  New game Monkey See, Monkey Spell added.
2011/08/20  New game Rose Gardens added. Please note that you can ask author for a personalised version of this text adventure - just check his website.
2011/08/14  New game BSM Boulder Dash added.
2011/08/13  New game Jaw Breaker II added. It seems that I missed this one in my database somehow...
2011/08/07  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k11 party: Before the Storm, Bolek i Lolek oraz..., Drzewko, Flower Power, GTIA Bay, Krecik i..., Mod My Atari, Nietoperek, Space Crusade, Sparrow, Stary Cmetarz, W brzasku slonca, Zaczarowany olowek i....
2011/08/06  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k11 party: Antic-Demo, Birthday Intro, Framed Again?, Wormtro, Pung, Solid.
2011/07/31  New game Stickybear Shapes added. Many thanks to bob1200xl for the dump!
2011/07/30  Brand-new game 64 figury has been released!
2011/07/24  New game The Finder added.
2011/07/23  Skull sample added to the database.
2011/07/17  New game Tomcat added.
2011/07/16  New game Das U-Boot added.
2011/07/10  Logon Intro added.
2011/07/09  Latest public demo of Tempest Xtreem added to the database. Full version is available at Kjmann's Atari Sales and Services.
2011/07/03  New game D.O.D.O. added.
2011/07/02  Full version of Thinx game added.
2011/06/26  New game Reversal added.
2011/06/25  Thunderdome Demo III added.
2011/06/19  New game Slime Blasters added.
2011/06/18  New game Squash added. More info needed about this small ancient piece of A8 history!
2011/06/12  Euro Demo added.
2011/06/11  Full and fully working dump of Warlok game added.
2011/06/05  Grzybsoniada 2k11 wild compo entries: Blondie, River Raid 2k11, Subaru.
2011/06/04  Grzybsoniada 2k11 game compo entries: Blah Blah, Narciarzyki, Octopus, Patrol in the Space, Quad, Tajemniczy Zamek 2.
2011/05/29  Old dump of The System game replaced by 1.8 version.
2011/05/28  New game Anduril II added.
2011/05/22  IACT No. 1 Demo added.
2011/05/21  4Pac Intro added. Unfortunately, game itself was never finished...
2011/05/15  New game Sydova akce added.
2011/05/14  Final version of brand-new game Dino has been released!
2011/05/08  Full version of Bomb Down game added to the database.
2011/05/07  What You Can Do With Your Magazine Demo added.
2011/05/01  Jason Kendall released version 1.2 of his game Gwobby Strikes Back!
2011/04/30  Brand-new game Small Reversi has been released!
2011/04/24  Fixed version of Fruitmania added to the database. Many thanks to author for the dump!
2011/04/23  Brand-new game Cropky has been released!
2011/04/17  New games Boulderdash +1, Boulderdash +2, Boulderdash +3, Boulderdash +4 added. Many many thanks to Homesoft for help!
2011/04/16  U2 Digi-Demo added.
2011/04/10  My hacks from Flop magazine No. 54: Mouse Party M4, Tank Battle M4, The Dreadnaught Factor II. Plus special bonus: secret cheats for Robix!
2011/04/09  Brand-new games from Flop magazine No. 54: Fruit Poker, Logik, Mashed Turtles, Poker 7, Sir Ed (parts I and II).
2011/04/03  DCK Demo added.
2011/04/02  New game Escape from Delta-V added.
2011/03/27  Music and graphics from Forever C party: Fasc in A(c)tion, Meaningless Manhole, Amentia, Drak, Kvik!, Lupine Archer, Marge, Survivors, The Dirty Trio, Wolves.
2011/03/26  Intros and demos from Forever C party: CI26, Toothed, Twistever, Citoplazma, Just for Dance.
2011/03/20  New game Break Out by added.
2011/03/19  New game Moon Shuttle by Gary Ryan added.
2011/03/13  The Puzintro added to the database.
2011/03/12  New intro Sanxion Music added.
2011/03/06  Music collection Narrate It added to the database.
2011/03/05  New game MonkeyNews added. Converted from VAPI image.
2011/02/27  New game Push added.
2011/02/26  New demo Frankenstein (parts I and II) added.
2011/02/20  New demo Ghonies added.
2011/02/19  New game Spy's War (parts I and II) added.
2011/02/13  New game Robot T-58 added.
2011/02/12  New demo AHM added. Many thanks to author for providing me original T2000 tape!
2011/02/06  New game Buzzword added.
2011/02/05  New game Word Flyer added. My craziest crack ever!
2011/01/30  New intro Dingo added.
2011/01/29  Brand-new game CTetris4 added.
2011/01/23  New demo Ray-Tracing Animation added.
2011/01/22  New games Gwobby's Adventure and Gwobby Strikes Back! added.
2011/01/16  New intro 5 Digit Pictures added.
2011/01/15  Two brand-new games Mission ArSoft and Music Memory written for a compo organized by atarionline.pl added.
2011/01/15  Popular High Score Club has started Season 8! Come and play your favourite Atari 8-bit games!
2011/01/09  New game Adventure (parts I and II) added.
2011/01/08  Final version of game Go Elwood Go! has been released!
2011/01/03  Stuff from New Year's Disc 2011 added to the database: intros Atallax, Badekapp Miel 3, Happy 2011, Intro 2011, Jacfield, Kleeblatt, Schneemann and very nice game Spectipede.
2011/01/02  Final version of Control demo has been released! It scored the 2nd place at Silly Venture 2k10 party.
2011/01/01  New game Bogen added. Happy New Year!!
2010/12/25  Christmas Collection added do the database.
2010/12/24  New intro Hosers added. Merry Christmas!!
2010/12/19  New game Guntris added.
2010/12/18  Stuff from Silly Venture 2k10 party: intros/demos Inverse, No Signal, .plot, Silly Things, Tricks, Wieczor Koled, pictures Aldebaran, Dice of Fate, Vampire, Whale Paradise, Zamek, songs Barsa, Spejs Invejder Too.
2010/12/12  New games Word Invasion and Word Master added. Converted from VAPI images.
2010/12/11  New game Tetris (R.S.) added. Does anybody know full name of author?
2010/12/05  New game Lunar Lander by Gary Ryan added.
2010/12/04  New intro Otyli Zyja Krocej added. Many thanks to Kaz for the dump!
2010/11/28  New game Prvni akce (parts I, II, III, IV) added.
2010/11/27  Music collection Italo Top Hits added.
2010/11/21  Brand-new games Robbo Lutry IV and Robbo Lutry V added to the database.
2010/11/20  Brand-new game Chopin 2010 has been released!
2010/11/14  PP's released NYD 2011 Invitro to announce next edition of New Year's Disc. If you want to participate, please check official thread on AtariAge.
2010/11/13  Brand-new game Dr. Mario has been released!
2010/11/07  New game Slurp added.

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