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2010/09/11  Stereo versions of Draconus, Megablast (many thanks to Miker for the dump!), Zybex added.
2010/09/05  Brand-new game Little 15 written in Atalan language has been released!
2010/09/04  Music collection Ghetto Blaster added.
2010/08/29  Brand-new games Robbo Lutry, Robbo Lutry II, Robbo Lutry III added. Check atarionline.pl for more details.
2010/08/28  Some stuff for my Czech fellows: European Countries and Capitals cs, Kaiser cs, National Flags cs.
2010/08/22  New game Virus IBM added.
2010/08/21  New game Vanish added.
2010/08/15  Cartridge version of MasterType game added.
2010/08/14  USR Demo 4 added to the database. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2010/08/08  Some unrelased stuff from Glucholazy 2k10 party: Old War intro.
2010/08/07  New game Tron added.
2010/08/02  Stuff from Glucholazy 2k10 party: pictures Atari BDSM, Bird, Dinner, Disabled, Final Journey, Golden Bomb!, Gotta Love the Dead, Grunvald 1410, Impossible is Nothing, Island, Kuri HD, Mighty Jill Off, Nostalgia, Praca domowa, Ryjek, Sztorm, music Klopsik, Kong, Sonido Electronico, Where the Hell is Volume Control, intros 48h, Atari LED, Drac040, xxl.atari.pl, demos Anything, XL Digital.
2010/08/01  New pinball Wookie Zookie added.
2010/07/31  New intro Smiec added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2010/07/25  New game Invaders by Stephen Lakey added.
2010/07/24  New game Toyshop added.
2010/07/18  New game Boulder Dash (Iron Soft 4) added.
2010/07/17  New intro Diskinfo II added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2010/07/11  New game Space Bar added.
2010/07/10  SPS Intro added.
2010/07/04  New games Gummi Bear III and Gummi Bear 4 added.
2010/07/03  Disk version of Attack at EP-CYG-4 added to the database. Converted from VAPI image.
2010/06/27  New game Jewels added.
2010/06/26  File version of 128 kB XEGS prototype cartridge game Mean 18 released!
2010/06/20  New game Bounce Ball added.
2010/06/19  Legendary prototype Sinistar is finally here!
2010/06/13  New game Robbo B added.
2010/06/12  Missing "sex demos" Rolex and Rolex 2 added to the database. Many thanks to Kaz for dumps!
2010/06/06  New game The Land of Mystery added.
2010/06/05  Converter Demo added.
2010/05/30  New game Matematyka added.
2010/05/29  New game Jump-Pac added.
2010/05/23  New game Match Up! added.
2010/05/22  HC Rule music added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2010/05/16  New game Kosmonauti added.
2010/05/15  New game Up'n'Down added.
2010/05/09  Brand-new intro KazOnline added. It was presented at wild comp on Grzybsoniada 2010 party.
2010/05/08  New game Atari-Socoban added.
2010/05/02  Slovak text adventure game Terminator (parts I, II, III) added.
2010/05/01  Version 1.0 of brand-new game His Dark Majesty has been released!
2010/04/25  Paragon Demo added. Many thanks to Kaz for the dump!
2010/04/24  Brand-new unorthodox game Olewka added. Parental advisory: explicit content. :)
2010/04/19  Today is my birthday (ohh, yeahh!) and it seems that some friends of mine noticed that. Thank you, guys!
2010/04/18  xxl released port of Apple Invaders from Apple ][.
2010/04/17  Games from Flop magazine #53: Astrowarriors M4, Cubic Games, Diamondz, Flop Super Ball, Fruitmania, Jolly, Mandarinov hlavolam, Miny, Poker.
2010/04/12  Brand-new game Antic Picross added to the database.
2010/04/11  Sad Samples added. Nice digitized music just for your ears.
2010/04/10  Brand-new game Dracula Lives added. Check project's page for more info.
2010/04/04  New game Picture Parts added.
2010/04/03  New game Jurrasic Gold added.
2010/03/28  New game Viper added.
2010/03/27  New game Creepers added.
2010/03/22  Stuff from Forever 2010 party: 1kB intros Pyxides, Rescue on F. 2010, Scroll F'ever, msx ILM, Jest sprawa, Phase 08, gfx HAL, Hitchhicker, Marby Ninja, Mupy Mup, Nibiru, One Plus One, Porsche 917, Slumber, Solar Trip, Susanne. As a bonus you can download Whatever Invitation which was supposed to take part in crazy compo but it didn't arrive in time...
2010/03/21  New game Na Vikiho stope added.
2010/03/20  New game Puzzlito added.
2010/03/14  New intro Figo added. Many thanks to Kaz for the dump!
2010/03/13  New game Atoms added.
2010/03/08  Nice report from KWAS 8 Atari party added to the database.
2010/03/07  New game Kross addded.
2010/03/06  Robocop Intro addded.
2010/03/01  Brand-new game Klony 2010 has been released! It is improved version of Klony released in 2006.
2010/02/28  New game Screwball added.
2010/02/27  New game Space Fighter added.
2010/02/21  New game Bright Eyes added.
2010/02/20  New game Duck, Arrow, Balloon added.
2010/02/14  New game Tag! added.
2010/02/13  New intro USR TKS added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2010/02/07  New game The Nutty Professor added.
2010/02/06  New game Harvey added.
2010/01/31  New game Poustevnikuv zivot added.
2010/01/30  Music collection The Ultraspeed Sound Buster added to the database.
2010/01/24  New game Tennis added.
2010/01/23  New game Colourtris added.
2010/01/17  New game Jenny of the Prairie added. Converted from VAPI image.
2010/01/16  New intro Please Help added.
2010/01/13  Fixed version of Arkanoid released! Tripple ball feature is fully working now. Check my blog for more details. ;)
2010/01/12  I took twenty years but Warsaw City game has been released!
2010/01/11  Xeen and Zilq released brand-new game Satellite!
2010/01/10  New demo Rolex IV added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2010/01/09  New game Blackjack by Frank Daniel added.
2010/01/04  Selection of the finest stuff from New Years Disk 2010: intros Bauvaneck, Bitplanes, Happy 2010, HomeCon 5 Invitation, Snow-World and G2F picture Sektflasche.
2010/01/03  New game Smerfy added.
2010/01/02  The Game Demo added.
2009/12/27  New game Pain added. Many thanks to Marco Reuter for the dump!
2009/12/26  New game Surrender at Stalingrad added.
2009/12/20  Frosty and Santa wish you Merry Christmas!
2009/12/19  atarionline.pl team rescued never published game Ghastly Night. What a nice find!
2009/12/13  New game Strasidelny zamek added.
2009/12/12  Two brand-new simple logic games from Poland: Puzzle Mania and Square.
2009/12/06  Five pinballs Dirty Harry, Geewizz, J.R.'s Oil Fight, Tangerine, Texas added for your pleasure.
2009/12/05  New game Devilator added.
2009/11/29  New game Mystix added.
2009/11/28  The Unknown Base Graphic Demo added.
2009/11/22  New game Jump! II added. Many thanks to Miker for the dump!
2009/11/21  TeBe and Irwin released The Snowman, A8 version of well-known demo.
2009/11/16  Atlantis Games Group released hacked version of Centipede 5200 with trak-ball support.
2009/11/15  Big update of static G2F pictures: Atari Buldog, Blitzkrieg in Betelgeuse System, Darkwing Duck, Darkwing Duck 2, Diabelek, Dizzy The Adventurer, Dungeon Master, eAt!, Follow the Easter Rabbit, Fuji, Hope, Kreatura, Makova panenka, Midhurst, Mousehunt, Shower, Szeryf, Thalia, Wielkanocne jaja, Zima.
2009/11/14  New game Astrowarp added.
2009/11/08  New game Last Flight of Phoenix added.
2009/11/07  Power of American Natives Demo added.

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