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2013/07/06  New game Geografia-Quiz added.
2013/06/30  Music collections Music Master-3, Music Master-4 added.
2013/06/29  Never finished but fully playable prototype of Risk game added to the database.
2013/06/23  New game Verb Viper added.
2013/06/22  Mixer Demo added.
2013/06/16  Stichting Pokey Game added.
2013/06/15  Boogy Demo 1991 added.
2013/06/09  New game Na stope zlocinu added.
2013/06/08  Do you want to be frustrated to tears? Try Jumping Ball.
2013/06/02  New game Mine Runner added.
2013/06/01  New games Robbo PanDino, Robbo PanDino 2 added.
2013/05/26  New game Numtris added.
2013/05/25  Brand-new game Liczenie obrazkow has been released!
2013/05/19  Another brand-new production Muad'Dib GFX Slideshow added to the database.
2013/05/18  Brand-new intro Animals on Atari has been released at Outline 2013 party!
2013/05/12  Gfx and msx production from Fortification 2k13 party: Demon Defeated, Demon's Eye, Dwarf, Fortification, Magic Stone, Potwor, Dust, Fort, Saperflaj.
2013/05/11  Games from Fortification 2k13 party: Another Stupid Game, Balz, Koza Fighter, Robotype, Tetryx, Wybierak do stolca.
2013/05/05  Updated version of Plan B game added. Indestructible powerups mode is available now (gamers' request).
2013/05/04  Mission Music Demo added.
2013/04/28  New game Pyramida added.
2013/04/27  Never released game Cicro Bianco added to the database. Many thanks to Philsan and author for saving this high quality production!
2013/04/21  More stuff from Flop magazine No. 56: my multijoy hacks Impact M4, Table Football M4+ and an electronic novel Moje prvni Atari by Poison, the best Atarian of all times and all known universes. Plus special bonus: never released game Race Against Time, the very first production by Czech software company Fuco.
2013/04/20  Brand-new games from Flop magazine No. 56: Helicops, Mahjong XE, The Rockies.
2013/04/14  New game Math Maze added.
2013/04/13  Two brand-new BD sets by Dr. Mugen: Boulderdash Mugen 9, Boulderdash Mugen 10.
2013/04/07  And another brand-new production: demo ASpongy written for Revision 2k13 party!
2013/04/06  Brand-new intro Easter Twist by Agenda & Mad Team has been released!
2013/04/01  VS-Studio released preview of their newest game VS Poker!
2013/03/31  New game Ski-Race added.
2013/03/30  Defender Protype added to the database. Many thanks to Curt Vendel for unearthing this pretty interesting piece of Atari 8-bit history!
2013/03/24  Msx & gfx production from Forever 14 party: Factorizer, Freestylers - Push Up, Just Be Happy!, Let Me See You Dance!, [Pong] Atari Style, Viva Las Vegas, Dark Dragon, Moonrise.
2013/03/23  Demos, intros and even a game from Forever 14 party: Forever Or Never, King Isn't Dead, Look Around, New Direction, Plasma 1k, Quest For Elvis, Ye Olde Plasma, Where Is Elvis?.
2013/03/17  New games Farao 1 (parts I, II) and Farao 2 (parts I, II) added.
2013/03/16  Blitz Demo added.
2013/03/10  MatoSimi released final version of Dynakillers Unchained, his very first multijoy hack! Welcome to the club, bro!
2013/03/09  Lambada Digi Demo added.
2013/03/03  New games Mrs. Rockford Dash, Sensemann Dash added.
2013/03/02  Isaac Davis released updated version of his game Sudoku.
2013/02/26  Czech A8 musician Poison released EP version of his newest audio CD Damned Worlds. Full album will be released at ByteFest 2k13 party.
2013/02/24  Fixed version of TL Cars added to the database. More details in my blog.
2013/02/23  New intro PF 1998 added.
2013/02/17  New game Ram Test added.
2013/02/16  Hyper active SquoQuo released brand-new invitro This Is Revision!
2013/02/10  Interesting solitaire game Pyramid added to the database. Short description included.
2013/02/09  New game Moonstone added.
2013/02/03  New games My Second Alphabet, My Third Alphabet added.
2013/02/02  New game Space Walker added.
2013/01/27  Dancing Asses, just for you baby!
2013/01/26  New game Tri kapitani added.
2013/01/21  Popular High Score Club on AtariAge has just started season #10!!
2013/01/20  New intro Future added.
2013/01/19  New game Atari Memory added.
2013/01/13  New game Alligator Mix added.
2013/01/12  New game Time Bomb added.
2013/01/06  Selection of the best stuff from New Years Disk 2k13: Dice 2013, Doomsday Demo, Fireworks, Happy 2013, Hello 2k13, NYD 2013, Rolling Stars, Rough Rider.
2013/01/05  SquoQuo released brand-new demo Epic Realtime!
2012/12/30  New game Gag added.
2012/12/29  New game Space Fighter II added.
2012/12/23  And what about some Christmas Eve gaming?
2012/12/22  Merry Christmas!!
2012/12/17  Legendary Slovak A8 coder MatoSimi and his team released final version of their amazing game Ridiculous Reality, winner of ABBUC SW Compo 2012. NTSC support, level codes and much more!
2012/12/16  Stuff from Silly Venture 2k12 party: pictures Ajek graje, Catman, Crococar, Feuto, Flame Follow Me, Krolik, Kurs na Planete Skarbsw, Mandylion, My Bad Day, Myszur 13, Papa Jack, Pikus, Planet 108, Prisoner plus songs Back to the Scene, Bijatyka na straganie, Chain Factory, Indie, Quickshot, Siekiery, Ten Past Midnight, Tiger's Dream.
2012/12/15  Stuff from Silly Venture 2k12 party: games Calamanis, JawBreaker, Pani Basia z Klatki B, Pong plus demos and intros Boogie Nights, Demo Arigato, High Tide, Old School, Pixel, Press Play on Tape, RGBA, Unshaped.
2012/12/10  Czech A8 musician Poison released his second audio CD called Cyber City!
2012/12/09  New demo Atari Magic Graphics added.
2012/12/08  New game Froggman added.
2012/12/02  New demo Space - Faktor added.
2012/12/01  Demoversion of Zahada hradu rytire Xavera (parts I, II) added to the database. Was this project ever finished and released?
2012/11/25  New game Spionage & Sabotage added. Many thanks to author for the dump!
2012/11/24  Five brand-new BD sets by Dr. Mugen: Boulderdash Mugen 4, Boulderdash Mugen 5, Boulderdash Mugen 6, Boulderdash Mugen 7, Boulderdash Mugen 8.
2012/11/20  Believe it or not, but this site celebrates the 8th anniversary of its existence today. And I think it's a good time for something special. OK, may be not so special, but I decided to release to the public my outstanding Deflektor Editor which I used to create Deflektor II. Enjoy!
2012/11/18  New game Tubemania added.
2012/11/17  New game Blockbreaker added.
2012/11/11  New game Race Car 'Rithmetic added. Converted from VAPI image.
2012/11/10  New game Jawbreaker 4 added.
2012/11/04  New demo Mega Music One added.
2012/11/03  Jan Johnsen released brand-new game Mary Poppins!
2012/10/28  New game Bomber Beauregard added.
2012/10/27  New game Enemy Mine added.
2012/10/21  New game Araxon added.
2012/10/20  The Jaguar Picture Show added.
2012/10/14  Binary executable games from ABBUC SW Compo 2012: Callisto, HAR'em, Ridiculous Reality.
2012/10/13  Disk games from ABBUC SW Compo 2012: Asteroids Emulator, MazezaM.
2012/10/07  New games Robbo Critters 1, Robbo Critters 2 added.
2012/10/06  Games from WAP-NIAK 2k12 party: Bioptronid, Bumpong, Catch a Letter.
2012/09/30  New game Through the Looking Glass added.
2012/09/29  New game Home Tenis (sic) added.
2012/09/23  New games Dotter Dash 06, Dotter Dash 07 added.
2012/09/22  New intro XL-Paint Max Preview added.
2012/09/16  New game Mine Sweeper by Marco Checa added.
2012/09/15  Upward Editor added. For use with Upward game.
2012/09/09  Gonzo released brand-new demo Optical!
2012/09/08  Final version of brand-new demo Deary by SquoQuo added to the database.
2012/09/02  Ken H. Contact Demo added.
2012/09/01  New game Vabank added.
2012/08/26  New demo Lame Eruption added.
2012/08/25  New game Assassin's Cove added.
2012/08/20  WAP-NIAK 2012 Reminder added on party organizers request.
2012/08/19  New demo Autostrada do nieba added.
2012/08/18  New game Nim 2 added.

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