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2007/04/05  New demo Computer Music added.
2007/04/04  Three games patched for multijoy: Major League Hockey, Maze War and Soccer. Have fun!
2007/04/03  Brand-new thingie Speed Up! by Raster is a cool network game which pushes A8 hardware to its limits. Say "wow" please!
2007/04/02  My newest game Mind Blast has been released. Enjoy!
2007/04/01  New game Wuchu added. Seems to be written in Poland but more information needed!
2007/03/31  The Last Ninja Slideshow added.
2007/03/26  Final version of The Shrine demo added. It scored the first place on Forever 8. Awesome!
2007/03/25  New game Expedition added.
2007/03/24  New game Suomi World Cup '91 added.
2007/03/23  New game Hammer Head added.
2007/03/22  The rest of stuff from Forever 8: W_hole demo. Still waiting for Shrine demo.
2007/03/21  Music from Forever 8: Disturbance, Gear Up, Ninja Polo, Piczung do kurczaka na zachode and Shorty Noises.
2007/03/20  Pictures from Forever 8: Abyss, Before I Sleep, Fighting Viper MkII and Virtuoso.
2007/03/19  The only 1kB intro presented at Forever 8 called Seawolf added to the database.
2007/03/18  New game Green Paras added.
2007/03/17  New game Loydova cesta added.
2007/03/11  New game Pad added.
2007/03/10  New game The Archers (parts I, II, III, IV) added.
2007/03/04  New game Wustoy's added.
2007/03/03  New game Agonia added. Never released stuff by Polish group Lorien.
2007/02/25  New game Hexan added.
2007/02/24  The Justice pinball added.
2007/02/18  New game Hyperball added.
2007/02/17  Cool G2F animation Nude Girl added to the database.
2007/02/11  New game Velke smouleni added.
2007/02/10  Brand-new game Caverns of the Lost Miner added.
2007/02/04  Hardsynth parade: Enola Gay, James Pond, Magnetic Fields IV, Space Crusade, Technoic.
2007/02/03  G2F parade: Basil, Boose, Castle Drawing, Jessica, Madonna, Milka, Nice Girlie, One, Prophet, Star Wars 3, Usagi Yojimbo, Widget.
2007/01/28  More games patched for use with multijoy interface: Battleroom and Silicon Warrior.
2007/01/27  New game Werner Flaschbier added.
2007/01/21  Native SID songs on A8? Yes! Thanks to Swiety and his great SID player.
2007/01/20  Another great conversion by Homesoft: classic C-64 title Boulder Dash III.
2007/01/14  AY player by Swiety is still in alpha version but some results are really impressive. Check out these five songs selected by Miker: Commando, Ikari Warriors, Kwik Snacks, Starquake or Toki.
2007/01/13  New game Venus Express added.
2007/01/07  Three G2F pictures Happy New Year 2007, Jogging Sheep and Xmas Tree added.
2007/01/06  Multijoy games are really very funny to play (though it's almost impossible to beat Raster in any) but there is still lack of titles supporting this great HW. So I patched Wingman for use with multijoy this week...
2007/01/01  New Year Intro added. Happy New Year to all!!
2006/12/31  New game Za duzo za malo added.
2006/12/30  Four G2F pictures (with music!) by Gonzo: ATF, F16 Combat Pilot, Harrier Combat Simulator and Yie Ar Kung Fu.
2006/12/24  New game Santa's Revenge added. Merry Christmas!!
2006/12/23  New game Santa's BD Party added.
2006/12/17  New game Leaderboard Golf II added.
2006/12/16  Have you ever heard about Vector, probably the most ambitious A8 project of all times? This small demonstration was compiled using source code of amazing Numen demo (many thanks to Bob!k) and it shows some potentials of this never finished game. Really pretty impressive!
2006/12/10  New game Multi Worms added.
2006/12/09  xxl and comp. released brand-new game Sudoku Sweep!
2006/12/03  New game Leap'in Lizards! added.
2006/12/02  New demo Crack added.
2006/11/26  New game Strasidelna skola added.
2006/11/25  Original dump of Light Race game added. Courtesy of Andreas Magenheimer.
2006/11/19  New game Destrukszon Flower added.
2006/11/18  Multijoy game Ice-Hockey added to the database.
2006/11/12  Negligible Demo added. Thank you Miker!
2006/11/11  New game Forest of Zuled added.
2006/11/04  xxl released Scorpions 2.0, updated version of his older game.
2006/11/03  The rest of stuff from ABBUC SW Compo 2006: games Cavernrunner, Plague Attack and Voyage to Home.
2006/11/02  More stuff from ABBUC SW Compo 2006: games Accion and Light Up!
2006/11/01  Raster asked to put online his newest game Head On written for ABBUC SW Compo 2006.
2006/10/22  Two hardsynth songs Furries and Tribal added.
2006/10/21  New game Podraz V added.
2006/10/15  Gonzo released six new G2F pictures F-14 Tomcat I, II, III (with original music!), IV, V and VI as well as F-14 Tomcat Animation.
2006/10/14  Just two weeks of work and file version of XEGS proto cart Tower Toppler has been born!
2006/10/08  New game Well added.
2006/10/02  OK. It's time to turn the page. Fatal lack of interest, feedbacks and support from A8 community as well as crucial lack of quality software force me to stop everyday updating. I'll try to prepare something every weekend but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep a8.fandal.cz going. In other words: this site is no more my top priority and it never will be again...
2006/09/29  New game Skull Island added.
2006/09/28  Atari In-Store Demonstration Program added.
2006/09/27  New game Space Dodger added.
2006/09/26  New game Bergshooting added.
2006/09/25  What, file version of XEGS cart Battlezone? Well, yes...
2006/09/24  Two interlaced pictures Blond 4 and Blond 6 added. Use arrow keys for scrolling...
2006/09/23  New game Homonimos added.
2006/09/22  New game Bitwa o Anglie added.
2006/09/21  New game Beta Fighter added.
2006/09/20  New game Titanic II added.
2006/09/19  New game Upward added. Fixed for both NTSC and PAL machines.
2006/09/18  Wanna more XEGS cart conversions? What about cool Mario Bros.?
2006/09/17  Demo of unfortunately never finished game Timezone added to the database.
2006/09/16  Two hardsynth songs Alloy Run and Dragon - Fine added.
2006/09/15  Lemmingi Demo I and Lemmingi Demo II added.
2006/09/14  East Party 2k2 Invitro added.
2006/09/13  New game Revenger added.
2006/09/12  Another month, another conversion of cart with continuous bank switching technique. This time I converted excellent shooter Barnyard Blaster!
2006/09/11  Thanx to gobo there's available full version of interesing game Pondering about Max's.
2006/09/10  Four G2F pictures Defender of the Crown, Four Soccer, Lemmings Logo and The Tiger added.
2006/09/09  Rob.C Zounds Amazing Menu added. Five disks full of cracked music!
2006/09/08  New game Othello Blitz added.
2006/09/07  New game Cesta kolem sveta added.
2006/09/06  New game Rodent Revenge added.
2006/09/05  New game The Seven Skulls added.
2006/09/04  New game Jupiter Lander added.
2006/09/03  New game Word Spinner added. I love word games!
2006/09/02  New game Rozbitek added.
2006/09/01  New game The Cave added.
2006/08/31  GFX Demo 1 added. Dracon's very first production on A8...
2006/08/30  Atari Elite Demo added.
2006/08/29  New game Golf '85 added.
2006/08/28  New game Profesional Killers added.
2006/08/27  New game Alien Attack added.
2006/08/26  More pictures: Another Evil Man, Lisa and Okolicznosci przyrody.
2006/08/25  Two interlaced pictures Hentai I and Hentai II added.
2006/08/24  Final version of Yie Ar Kung Fu has been released!

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