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2005/01/10  Text adventure Jones added.
2005/01/09  Gold House game added.
2005/01/08  New demos Approach - Boing Mix and Shiffer 2 added.
2005/01/07  Interlaced pictures Blond 6 and Pamela 3 added. Fixed binary of Pyromania game.
2005/01/06  Two demos Gem'x and Super Mario added.
2005/01/05  New game National Hockey League Coach 98 added.
2005/01/04  Wiewer demo added.
2005/01/03  New game Pyromania added.
2005/01/02  Added four new G2F pictures: Defender of the Crown, Happy New Year 2005, Less Transitions and Robin.
2005/01/01  New demo Thanker added.
2004/12/31  Added new game Sam doma II.
2004/12/30  Bryan Edewaard released binary executable of his Castle Crisis game.
2004/12/29  Three very nice G2F pictures Agony, Christmas Girl and Krtek added.
2004/12/28  Datri's Videogame (part I and part II) added.
2004/12/27  New games Brutal Karate and Settlers 1.2 added.
2004/12/26  Missing 3rd part of Datri's megademo Atari Experiment and The Fifth Element intro added.
2004/12/25  Demos Duke 3D View and Shadow Warrior View added.
2004/12/24  Chris Martin released version 1.0.1 of his great network game Jellybeans.
2004/12/23  Next two intros from Silly Venture 2k4 have arrived: Cosmos and Grzybson Intro 5.
2004/12/22  Added Datri's Czech text adventure game Panther (part I and part II).
2004/12/21  Added Deform, the only one (?) A8 intro from Silly Venture 2k4.
2004/12/20  Added Datri's game National Hockey League Coach 96 (part I, part II and part III).
2004/12/19  New game Galactic Patrol added.
2004/12/18  Added three demos Hot Babe, Pamela 1 and Schiffer 1.
2004/12/17  Two demos Info Demo II and Happy Birthday added.
2004/12/16  Famous Czech Atari coder Datri lent me yesterday five tapes with all his 365 games and demos written for 8-bit Atari so you can expect a lot of cool stuff coming in following weeks and months. The series of sometimes very rare and sometimes so-far-never-seen stuff begins with legendary game Settlers.
2004/12/15  Added word game Anagrams by John Foskett.
2004/12/14  New game designed especially for very seldom used light gun called Light Gun Blaster added.
2004/12/13  Added demos Digi-Sound-Demo and Sintro.
2004/12/12  New game Pipeliners XL added.
2004/12/11  Math Game by Lawrence James added.
2004/12/10  Another three adventure games added: Deathworld, High School Confidental and Madhouse.
2004/12/09  Text adventure game The Wizard's Sword added.
2004/12/08  Added game Ball-Craecker - another cool stuff from Homesoft's famous cracking workshop.
2004/12/07  Added German game Pyramidos. It comes on four disks and was cracked by Homesoft.
2004/12/06  Kemal Ezcan's game The Big Quest added.
2004/12/05  New games Fuse, Des Chiffres et des Lettres and Light Flight added.
2004/12/04  Added new games Chicken by Stan Ockers and Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump by James Hague.
2004/12/03  Games Blockade, Superfly 1k+ and Space Trap added.
2004/12/02  Great news from Poland: works on game Yie Ar Kung Fu resumed! For latest informations visit project's homepage.
2004/12/01  Skunk game added. It took place in ABBUC programming contest 2003.
2004/11/30  Another version of classic game Frogger added. This one was written by Chuck Benton in 1981.
2004/11/29  Added Silly Venture 2k4 Invitation and playable demo of very promising Ken Siders' game Beef Drop.
2004/11/28  Bopotron Construction Set added.
2004/11/27  New game Airline added, fixed binaries of Arrow of Death - Part I and Arrow of Death - Part II.
2004/11/25  Added Scene Register 2.0, Scene Register 3.0 - Informacja and Scene Register 3.0 - Statystyka.
2004/11/24  New game The Emperor added.
2004/11/22  Demo Timekeeper added. Thanx to Jurgi/Tristesse for image.
2004/11/21  I'm looking for really working version of Timekeeper demo. It means I'll be able to run it on my real Atari 320XE (Rambo) with stereo upgrade...
2004/11/20  After more than five years of collecting, sorting, testing and fixing I'm absolutely excited to announce that one of the biggest dreams of my life finally became a reality! Server a8.fandal.cz dedicated to unforgettable Atari 8-bit machines is online! It offers to all atarians more than 3000 games and almost 1500 demos as a result of hundreds and hundreds hours of hard work. But it is not just my piece of work. I must also send really big thanks to my friends Dharma for cool design and Fanatic for php engine. I would never complete this without their selfless help. I must also thank to guys from server Atarimania for kindly permission to use some games from their amazing database.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here!


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